Navy Week Anchors Aweigh

Our family so enjoyed Navy Week, we are sad to see it end.  In fact our son woke up this morning and asked if the Navy had a train we could go see. Which I guess makes sense in his mind since we saw ships and a helicopter; I suppose a train would be the next logical means of transit to see.  I could tell he thoroughly enjoyed Navy week between his comments throughout the week and the highlight of his weekend.

Over dinner table conversation or during evening prayers, we ask the children to share their favorite and least favorite part of their days.  So I figured instead of typing all their favorites out I would share the photos with you. Here goes, the children’s favorite parts of their days during Navy week……

Yes, one of our toddler’s favorite part of her day was getting a “mommy/daddy water bottle”. The photo clealry illustrates why she doesn’t usually get a water bottle…playtime!

All three kiddos and even my hubby and I enjoyed hearing about how they battled during the War of 1812.

No need to worry moms, the sword is dull. This was by far his favorite part of his day.


Thank you to everyone who made Navy Week in Toledo Ohio possible and a special thank you to the Navy for this amazing week and for the hard work you do everyday.