Lessons Learned through the Mourning Process


Well, our cat’s lifetime came to end Tuesday night. The children all petted her goodnight and went to bed.  Then around 9pm she took her last breath with one of my hands on her head and the other on her paw. Surprisingly it wasn’t as unpleasant as I had anticipated.

peaches 017

I had read that most animals, specifically cats disappear when it is their time. But surprisingly she did the opposite. In fact she wanted to be in the family room with all of us that last evening. She mustered up as much energy as she could to get downstairs.  I think she was comforted by the sounds of the family and she was able to lie near her companion, our dog.

peaches 018

It was fascinating to see how respectful he was to her. He would normally be sniffing her and irritating her but he just sat near her and was pleasant company.

Lessons learned through the Mourning Process…..

My husband is amazing…

I am so thankful for my husband. I think he had the most difficult task of all of us, he dropped her off at the Vet’s after she passed. He had to say the final goodbye and hand her over.

The children have compassion for one another…

Our 6 & 8 year olds tend to irritate one another at times. Why just the other day our 6 year old was trying to place his dirty underwear in his sister’s pillow case….classic sibling move, right!?  With all the snow days lately the level of irritation has only increased and it had me concerned. But when I witnessed our 6 year old run into our 8 year olds arms and let out a huge yelp followed by many tears and the way she gave him a big hug and consoled him with comforting words I knew they would be okay. The image is burned to memory; it was so beautiful, so precious, and so genuine. I was comforted by the fact that if anything should ever happened to me or my husband the children will be there for each other. At that moment it felt like we, as parents, were definitely doing something right.

mepets_sablesunday 0303

Every person and every child mourns differently….

Our daughter, the 8 year old, is comforted by conversations about the times she enjoyed with our cat. Our 3 year old enjoys seeing pictures of her, especially ones she is in with her.

mesha 067

mesha 053

mesha 064

Meanwhile our son prefers to express himself via Crayola…..

tea 012

We are so fortunate….

It has been a crazy and highly emotional past week but we have learned much about each other. We know that Sable brought our family much joy and that she will be deeply missed. But we are thankful for the time we had together. We also know that there are others in this world who are deeply mourning the loss of loved ones and we are keeping all those souls in our prayers.

Need your suggestions….

The children have requested that we do something to remember Sable. For those of you who have lost a pet did you do anything special to remember them? Maybe you purchased something special to commemorate your pet? Did something as a family? Any suggests you have are greatly appreciated.