Hybrid isn’t all it’s Hyped-Up to be: One year later & 6th-12th Graders are finally going back to school, so why aren’t parents happy?

If you’ve ever raised a toddler then you’ve had a glimpse into raising a teenager. Sure they can be impulsive at times, throw tantrums on occasion, but what toddlers and teenagers really have in common are their needs for structure, routine, schedules, and naps, lol!  Thus, the worst thing you can do to either is disrupt their routine which is precisely what is going to occur this week. After 6 months of remote learning, getting into a consistent routine, with a firm grasp of their schedules, they are going to have everything basically turned upside down and are going to be starting all over on a hybrid schedule with less than 3 months left in the school year. That’s virtually like teaching a toddler how to use a spoon and once they’ve almost mastered it you take away the spoon and give them chopsticks. Will they figure it out? Sure. But at what cost? That’s the big question, will there be detrimental repercussions due to the change in not only their schedule, but also, in how they are taught/learning? As our school district marches to it’s Yellow/Hybrid Learning the following are a few of the issues and concerns parents are expressing. 

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