Momup! Monday

Mama’s to do list:

  • Morning drop off
  • Change sheets
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathroom (Soo looking forward
    to this!)
  • Momup! Monday
  • Get Girls Scout tunic, troop numbers, book, etc.

Okay, the toilet is sparkling, beds all have clean sheets, most of the dog hair has been vacuumed, just made myself an iced coffee, and I am ready to momup!

So please, join me, you deserve a five-minute break (maybe even 10).

This week’s  Momup! Topic is: Little lies Moms tell their Children (for a good reason of course)

Watch the clip and comment below.

The little lies we tell our children, often times for their safety, or our own sanity?  I know I am guilty of telling a little lie or two to my kiddos.

One that comes to mind is the good old we need an appointment lie. Whenever the children say they would like to go somewhere like Chuck E. Cheese, Build-a-Bear,  Sylvania Playland, or any other child friendly and fun location that cost money, that is not in our budget, I tell them that we need to make an appointment.  I then explain that we can call and make an appointment for a future date when “they” have a time slot available. It has been doing the trick for the last 3 years.  I do worry however, our eldest is a smart cookie and one day one of her friends are going to say that they don’t require an appointment and blow the lid off my entire story.   Oh well, I will worry about that when the time comes.  Till then I am making appointments.

What little lie have you told your child or perhaps your child overheard you tell someone?

Please share.

2 thoughts on “Momup! Monday

  • I have actually stolen the appointment and 10,5,2 minute warning systems from you.

    I tend to tell Katie something she wants is against the law or against the rules of the store or restaurant we are at. We were at RiteAid and Katie was trying touch all the toys in the aisle. I told her to stop but she didn’t so I told her it was against the law at RiteAid stores to touch all the stuff that we couldn’t buy and we could get a ticket, like from a Policeman. Hey, she stopped.

  • My little lie is making my son believe I am still in bed by hiding when he comes out in the morning. He has gotten much smarter since I’ve had to start doing this. I used to be able to have the tv or computer on and just hide in the dark, but he’s learned that if there is some form of entertainment on, then someone must be awake. Since I am so desperate for some “me” time, I have settled with reading with the lights on. (I’d still prefer something electronic.) Our fan-light is controlled by a remote, so I have been able to read (with remote in hand). As soon as I hear his doorknob turn, I hit the botton to turn off the lights. It works for now! He just goes back to bed and I can continue reading!

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