Here is to Licking the Spoon!

Here is to Licking in the Spoon!

While the kiddos were making their lunches last night my four-year-old nonchalantly expressed that the best part of a PB & J sandwich is licking the spoon.  Interesting I thought, not making the sandwich, or eating the sandwich, but licking the spoon.  Then I remembered when I was kid, and the best part of brownies was licking the spoon from the brownie mix. Then darn salmonella came into the picture and took that enjoyment out of childhood.

As I carried on with my winding down the evening routine (clean kitchen, double-check the clothes for tomorrow, GPS the book bags & folders) my little Power Ranger’s comment radiated in my mind.   Licking the spoon did bring so much joy as a child. Partially because it was a huge spoon with yummy chocolate, but also because it allowed for a brief reflection and appreciation for how far we had gotten with the brownie mix and added to the anticipation for the cooked brownies.  Just like the age-old saying, life is a journey, not a destination.  Well, in the Brownie mix bowl or PB & J sandwich that is life licking the spoon is a vital step on the journey, one that should not be skipped. Unfortunately somewhere between childhood, salmonella, and adulthood licking the spoon has been left out of life.

Moms are often the worst offenders; we get caught up in the logistics of motherhood. We are often so focused on laundry, dishes, and planning for future events both big, and small, (school lunch, trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday Party, etc.) that we forget to slow down and lick the spoon.

So, I am declaring today the day that I lick the spoon (metaphorically speaking, salmonella is real people!). I am stopping, sitting, and sipping on some tea while I reflect on the past few weeks, appreciate the time spent with family and friends, and anticipate the future.

Here are my licks…..

We had so much fun at the zoo’s Pumpkin Path
It was really crowded but they did a great job of moving everyone along the path.
I wonder if they take timeout to lick the spoon.
Fisher Price gave these away and coupon for $10 off $50. All three of the kiddos love them!


I have enjoyed Wednesdays at the Farmer’s Market remote location.



Grabbing a snack and getting some fresh veggies, nothing like it!


Goodbye, see you in the Spring!


Story time fun at the Library


I am going to miss this, yes, even the tantrums. (No bubbles)


Anticipating the Future, Potty Training on the Go!

Moms with the holidays quickly approaching remember to take a moment to slow down and lick the spoon.


3 thoughts on “Here is to Licking the Spoon!

  • Such a cute post! I love your pic at the top! I can remember eating the chocolate chip cookie dough out of the bowl as a kid. It is better than the cookies themselves! But now it is all taboo….thanks, salmonella.

  • Great post! Don’t forget you can always use pasteurized egg whites from a carton or powdered eggs to preserve the literal spoon-licking experience. Who can live without eating cookie dough every once and a while?

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