Momup! Monday…Pregnant mom steals sandwich

Mama’s to do List:

  • Morning drop off
  • Hunt down my cell phone (toddler put it somewhere, she probably called a few friends in the process, darn she is sneaky)
  • Go shopping for eldest daughter’s b-day party -Enchanted Princesses and Knight Party
  • Make Rice Crispy Balls on a stick for the Bake Sale (I realize that doesn’t sound appropriate for children but they are easy to make and kiddos love them)
  • Momup! Moment
  • Get gas
  • Laundry
  • Book Club can’t wait!!!

This week’s Momup! Topic:  Pregnant mother accused of stealing

Please view the clip.

I was shocked when I heard about this story.  I know I personally can’t take a single trip to the grocery store without opening one, if not three, different types of snack foods to occupy my toddler (she likes to play with the teddy bear, fish, and a various shaped snacks).  And yes, as moms we do sometimes become distracted while at the store but who could blame us.  Half the time one child is constantly inquiring about placing some item in the cart (and often lucks out and sneaks one in unbeknownst to mom), the other has to go to the bathroom (my son always has to have a BM at the grocery store, I don’t understand it), the toddler will not sit still, we are trying to mentally tally the total as each item is placed in the cart in hopes of staying under the budget, and keeping track of the items we still need to place in the cart all at the same time.  What mother wouldn’t forget about the coffee or sandwich she had 3 meltdowns, one BM, and 100 “mommy can we get this?” ago when she entered the store?

Also, when I was pregnant, especially towards the end of my pregnancies I would begin to feel faint and almost ill if I did not eat something soon. I am just shocked that the store could not have been more understanding.  The woman even offered to pay for the sandwich when they were escorted back into the store.  It was obvious they were not trying to steal. My heart goes out to this little girl. Can you even imagine how scared she was? One minute she is safe in the comforts of mom and dad’s care and the next she is with strangers, in a strange place, not knowing what was going on all because of a sandwich!

What are you thoughts? Have you ever opened food in the store and forgotten about it? Do you suffer from the distracted mom syndrome when you enter the grocery store with your kiddos in tow? Please share.

One thought on “Momup! Monday…Pregnant mom steals sandwich

  • Wow, that video is crazy! It is amazing that Safeway didn’t handle this better and ended up with such bad press. I would fire that manager if I were them. It kinda seems obvious that everyone is going to sympathize with the 8 month pregnant mom with a toddler and point the finger back at Safeway for being ridiculous and harsh.

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