Spring has Sprung Clothing Swap was a Success!

Our Playgroup had a spring clothing swap this week and it was a success thanks to the awesome moms in our group.  And a special thanks to our mom who allowed us to occupy her house for the evening, thank you for hosting Jill!

Here’s the invite that went out to our playgroup mommies….



Does it seem like your kiddos are growing like weeds while the required clothing budget for them is depleting? No sooner do you stock up on their current size, and they’re ready for the next one. The perfect solution has arrived; you are cordially invited to a Clothing (and more) Swap party.


The next time your little one takes a nap or goes down for the night set aside a few minutes to go through their wardrobe. Separate the clothing that they have outgrown, carefully review the articles of clothing, wash them, and fold (please do not bring stained or messy clothes to swap).

 As you enter the party you will receive one raffle ticket for each item that you bring. You will then use those raffle tickets to purchase clothing at the party.


This is a moms’ only event. We are asking that you bring a snacking food and/or beverage to share with the other moms (and yes, this can include wine for all us moms over 21 years of age).

Items to be swapped include:

  •  Maternity clothes
  • Baby blankets
  • Boys and girls clothing (newborn-and up)
  • Halloween costumes
  • Toys, books, puzzles, and games
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Magazines
  • Shoes/Boots
  • Jackets/coats

All unclaimed clothing can go home with you or, if you wish, you can donate it for a future garage sale where all proceeds will go to www.apraxia-kids.org. (We have a child in our group who suffers from apraxia).

So, join other moms for an evening of Swapping, your wallet and planet earth will thank you.


The evening of the swap…

The moms showed up promptly and quickly claimed their area of the room.  We had 8 moms attend the swap and an additional mommy dropped off clothing earlier in the day (she has a new little bundle of joy, only two weeks old and so freakin adorable!! You know the type; those cute little infants that make you go home and beg your hubby to have his vasectomy reversed).

Tables filled with clothes
A lot of clothes
Once all the tables were full....
...moms claimed space on the floors.
And yes, those floors were very clean.

All the moms but one had clothing items to swap with other moms.  We had one mom who had all infant up to size 18 month for little girls and unfortunately we did not have any moms with infant girls or baby girls in those sizes. Those little outfits were so darn cute; it seriously did have me contemplating a future discussion with my hubby. (I figured I would go with the odd number scenario. We are a family of five and since amusement park rides require 2 per seat there will always be one person who has to ride alone or sit out, right? I mean we have to have an even number if we are going to have future amusement park excursions. That was as far as I got in the thought process but I think I make a valid point).

I know, I know, me and the pictures!

Of course what kind of clothing swap would it be without food?  I mean a girl gets parched looking through adorable clothes and sometimes she needs to be consoled by chocolate and red wine when she comes to the realization that her family will be that odd-numbered family at the amusement park (and you know who always sits out taking one for the team right? That’s right, mom.).

So we gathered in the kitchen and enjoyed slutty brownies (so delicious, make them today and you’ll know why they were given that name), a scrumptious cheese ball, salsa and spinach dip with chips, and of course you must have the good old veggies to cancel out the slutty brownies and sugar cookies (not familiar with the equation? It goes a little something like this, 3 carrots, celery, and 2 cauliflower and broccoli spears will cancel out 1 slutty brownie, its basic veggie replacement therapy).

click link in post for recipe

As usual, whenever you get a bunch of gals together shopping, eating, and drinking time flies. Before we knew it 3 hours had passed. I hated to see the night end, it was so much fun catching up with the other moms and I having the opportunity to meet two new awesome moms. 

This swap was such a success, moms left with clothes for their kiddos and we still had a decent amount of clothes for the garage sale to raise money for apraxia. We plan on doing a Fall Swap too! I am packing away the footsy pajamas as we speak/type whatever.

Have you ever participated in a clothing swap? If not, have you ever considered having a clothing swap?










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