Flutter Your Worries Away at The Butterfly House

The first day of May brings about much anticipation and excitement for many impending events.   Big events such as, the culmination of the school year, the joys that will precede summer break, graduation celebrations, the excitement of Mother’s Day, and last but not least, Opening day of The Butterfly House!

The Butterfly House is located in Whitehouse Ohio, just a short drive from Toledo and it is by far one of the most relaxing outings/field trips I have ever had the pleasure of sharing with my children.  The first time we visited the butterfly house our eldest was 3 years old and infatuated with butterflies. In fact, her room is adorning with pink butterflies.  She practically lost her mind when we entered the magnificent space where she was greeted by gorgeous Morpho Peleides, Papilio palinurus, the classic, all-time favorite Monarch, and many many more gorgeous butterflies fluttering all around.  

The experience is amplified by the fact that while walking around viewing the gorgeous butterflies in such an idyllic environment classical musical plays in the background.  The combination of fluttering butterflies, the water trickling in the small pond, the amazing foliage all around, and the classical music embodies you and bring about one of the most relaxing experiences.  When I leave The Butterfly House I leave with the same relaxing mindset that is only equal to a Spa experience but for much less.

I had been counting down the days to our visit, so desperate for the relaxing feeling that encompasses you after the visit.  May seems to be one of the craziest months with school activities, after school activities, rehearsals for recitals, recitals, weddings, showers, Mother’s Day, etc.  I could feel the stress mounting and I knew that The Butterfly House was just the thing to help me relieve the mounting pressure piling up from the multitude of responsibilities and obligations.  And it did!

We so enjoyed our visit, we went with our Playgroup and the young children seemed to enjoy themselves as well as the parents. Our preschooler really enjoyed watching the butterflies eat and noted the Proboscis and how it looked like the butterfly had a cool straw that sucked up the banana. He also enjoyed seeing the pupa (chrysalis). The butterfly house has a window where children can watch the butterflies emerge from the chrysalis. It was a wonderful learning experience for our preschooler and toddler. We can’t wait to go back with big sister once school is out. The Butterfly House also has a beautiful space for picnicking after your visit, the scenery, breeze, and environment are unsurpassable.


Are you fascinated with butterflies? Do you have favorite butterfly?  Have you been to a Butterfly House near your home or perhaps the one in Whitehouse?

2 thoughts on “Flutter Your Worries Away at The Butterfly House

  • I plan on going to this place soon, never been there before! I had heard its quite small but I still have high hopes. Anyway good review!

    • It isn’t large by any means but what it lacks in square footage in makes up for in experience….the classical music and the fluttering of the butterflies is the most relaxing experience I have ever had while with my kids, lol! I do hope you have a pleasant and relaxing experiencing…and don’t forget your camera! 😉

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