The Storm

So Thursday was such an exciting day for me. After being quarantined to the home for 6 day with the kiddos I was finally going to have a few hours away.  And let me tell you I needed it. I love my children more than my life, and I would do anything for them but I was running low on patience and ultimately “niceness”.  So, in order to be a better mom I needed some time away, to relax a little, and return  home as a refreshed mommy ready to give, be patient, and renewed. I think this can be a very difficult task for us moms but one that is very much necessary. We feel guilty leaving the children but than if we never have time to ourselves to recoup and renew we are doing our children, ourselves, and entire family a disservice.  We are not capable of being the best moms we can be if we never have a break.

As I left the house that afternoon I had an uneasy feeling but I figured it was just the typical guilt setting in that I knew I would have to push past. It is getting out the door that can be the most difficult, especially when our toddler grabbed ahold of my shoes protesting my leaving.

Long story short……

I pick up my cousin around 2:45/3pm for a long waited fun-filled afternoon that included a makeup consultation apt (I remember my mom taking me when I was around 15 and I was so honored to be included in her milestone) and as I am pulling out of her neighborhood I looked in the rear view mirror and there is nothing but darkness behind us.  That darkness followed us all the way down the road. We arrived at Merle Normans just in time. Within minutes of our arrival the storm hits! All of us gals inside the store jump with the first atrocious crash of thunder.  The lights go out, air condition stops, all power is lost.  The wind is unbelievable; I even ducked a few times behind the counter for fear of the windows giving way. The power is still out and this includes all the traffic lights around the area. So we figure, why not continue, we are in no hurry to get out in that crazy traffic.  So like a real trooper we moved her chair to the window for natural light and the consultation continued. This was what my hubby dubbed “extreme shopping”.  We women always find a way.  Granted the credit card machines and registers were not working since the power was out so that meant that cash was the only option. So that might have limited the amount we purchased but we still completed the shopping process and they cashed us out with good old hand-held calculators and hand written recites, like in the olden days, haha.

Storm Damage…..

The damage produced by the storm was shocking. There were trees down, power lines down, transformers hit, etc.  The following video is a close up of the power lines catching fire from the storm. This happened right outside of a dealership. The end is unbelievable (Warning: bad language at the end)

The expressway was closed and practically all stop lights were lacking power and the intersections became 4-way and some 6-way stops. The roads became parking lots while traffic tried to maneuver around down power lines, branches, limbs, and trees. A drive that would normally take ten minutes was now taking an hour, which was kind of nice because I got to spend that time with my cousin, what was supposed to be an hour trip turned into a Gilligan’s Island saga. It was crazy!

Images of my parent’s backyard….

Counting our blessings…..

Once I arrived home I was shocked by what I saw.  It looked perfectly normal. It didn’t even appear as though we had a storm. No limbs, branches, or trees down. Shoot there wasn’t even a leaf on the ground.   The storm had not hit our side of town. But it definitely hit Sylvania and Holland Ohio where our extended family and many friends live.  My hubby and I started making calls/texts to inquire on their safety and any damage. All our family and friends who live where the storm hit were without power but were safe, thank GOD.  This included my parents, hubby’s parents, aunt, uncles, cousins, and our dear friends.  There is damage that will need to be addressed in the coming days and we still have friends without power but all are safe and for that we are counting our blessings.

(Images source: Toledo Blade Facebook page and

One thought on “The Storm

  • We have had the same kind of weather! It has been so crazy. I like a good thunderstorm, but not the kind that bring down trees and causes power loss! Hope you are safe!

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