Baby Book Menu: Mommy Guilt Sundae or Humble Pie (post includes a FREE journal)

It is time that I finally get my act together, hunker down and go through our baby girl’s 1st year pictures.

Now this might not sound that bad but there is a catch. See, that baby girl isn’t turning 1, nope, she is turning 2 in less than a month and mommy has yet to get her baby book together.  I feel like I have just been served two scoops of anxiety in one of those fancy Sunday dishes (you know the type, the frosted glass that is fluted at the top and has the rounded edges…shoot, if I am going to have two scoops of anxiety it better at least be served in a gorgeous dish).

With our first child I had her baby book completed before she was even 9 months old, (I really had my crap together back then). I was literally waiting for events to occur so I could add them to the book. Then with our son I had his completed by the time he was 1-1/2 years old. But with our third child I have been…well…busy.

I know…excuses, excuses…excuses!  So the fact that it has taken me longer than the other two to complete start her baby book isn’t the half of it.  I suppose we could add some toppings to that anxiety sundae.

Remember those ice cream cones that would get dipped in the chocolate and form a hard shell for all of two seconds until ice cream would come leaking out of all sides of the cone and running down your arm as you raced against time to stop it? Well, we mine as well coat that anxiety sundae with mommy guilt so as to allow the anxiety to leak through the guilt so to speak. Why?

Well, I am the worst mother ever; you know those amazing sonogram pictures? You know the ones that give you a first glimpse at the little person inside of you…basically your baby’s first photo ever….and if I may add…the only set we received. Yep, those!   Well…I…I lost them! There, I said it. Now you have my permission to judge away. What kind of mother loses those pictures, right!?! Maybe we should add some sorrowful sprinkles to that sundae and lastly, because what is a sundae without a cherry? One non-merry berry because (and this is the worst) there is still a big little part of me that doesn’t want to embark on this project and hassle with cutting pictures, pasting, writing, etc. You may now nominate me for worlds worst mom because I don’t want to do a scrap-book for my baby.

But wait…there might be hope. I will take that Mommy Anxiety and guilt smothered Sundae back and exchange it for some humble pie thanks to Paper Corterie.

Make that merry berry humble pie thanks to the ease of digital baby books and Paper Corterie’s user-friendly site. Not to mention the quality of the books, amazing! In fact, I might just have that baby book done before she turns two …maybe.  (Don’t hold me to that because, well, I am…busy. But thankfully Paper Corterie has something for that too, checkout their planners).

Oh…and this added bonus….

FREE journal for new customers! Enter the Coupon Code: welcomejournal at checkout.

Okay, so I dished to you. I was brutally honest about my feelings, emotions, and the fact that I am a horrible mommy for losing those sonogram pictures and not wanting to scrap-book my child’s baby book. Now comes the part where you build me back up and tell me that it isn’t just me, right?

How long did it take you to complete your child’s baby book? Do you scrap-book or go digital? Did you forget when milestones occurred in their lives and then have to guess? (Because I would never do something like that…now if you’ll excuse me I have a pie to eat, lol!)

7 thoughts on “Baby Book Menu: Mommy Guilt Sundae or Humble Pie (post includes a FREE journal)

  • I think you are being too hard on yourself (but aren’t we all). Yes, it sucks that you lost the pics but you do the stuff that really matters in the long run. Look at how much time you spend with the kids. Going places, doing crafts, teaching good manners, teaching good morals, teaching healthy living, and the list could go on. Having a memory book is great but the time you spend with them is better.

    • Tammy you are so right, why do we beat ourselves up over the smaller things? I think it is the illusion that the virtual world portrays of all these perfect scrapbooks that moms have made that really made me feel guilty. A warning to all moms: NEVER google baby scrapbooks you will instantly feel like a mediocre mom. So maybe we don’t spend weekends scrapbooking but we do spend quality time with our kiddos and that is what matters. Thank you for bring me back to reality Tammy.

  • I think about doing the baby books often and I think the reason I don’t is that I want them to be perfect and I’m afraid of making an error and ruining the whole book. In the meantime, I just write the milestones on the calendar and then save the calendar. You’re not the only one that loses things, the last time I looked, I was missing a whole calendar. And Tammy’s right, you’re kids will have so many memories without having to look at a book. Also, your oldest 2 can always share their memories of their baby sister with her personally.

    • I know what you mean; I struggle with wanting things to be perfect too. But with age comes wisdom and I am learning that if I wait for perfection it will never get done. Writing down the milestones on the calendar and then keeping those calendars is a great idea! I should have done that, where were you 6 years ago, lol! Okay, so last night Scott and I came up with an alternative, we could use one of our eldest daughter’s sonogram pictures, is this wrong?

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