1st day of School …pass the tissues!

The morning started early, thank goodness for coffee!


I made the kiddos blueberry muffins for breakfast.


I try my best to make the breakfast table look festive for the big day! Past experience has proven that the more excited mommy is about something the children often reciprocate the enthusiasm.


Our little lady was so excited to finally be able to use her school supplies; she has been eyeing them for the past week. Especially the sparkly pencils!

Yesterday she went through her new school clothes and carefully decided upon the perfect outfit for the first day of school.

She was ready for school early and had to actually wait a few minutes.  Then it was time to head out. Here is a picture of her getting on the bus, lol! (We do not have bus transportation so this is her bus and I am the bus driver).


She was as excited as she walked into school eager to see friends, meet her new teacher, see her new books, etc.

And then it was time…time for mommy to leave.

First Day of School poem

She started school this morning,

And she seemed so very small.

As I walked there beside her

In the First Grade hall.

And as she took her place beside

the others in the class,

I realized how all too soon

Those first few years can pass.

Remembering, I saw her as

She first learned how to walk.

The words that we alone made out

When she began to talk.

This little girl so much absorbed

In learning how to write.

It seems as though she must have grown

To girlhood overnight.

My eyes were blurred by hastily

I brushed the tears away

Lest by some word or sign of mine

I mar her first big day.

Oh how I longed to stay with her

And keep her by the hand

To lead her through the places

That she couldn’t understand.

And something closely kin to fear

Was mingled with my pride.

I knew she would no longer be

A baby by my side.

But she must have her chance to live,

To work her problems out,

The privilege to grow and learn

What life is all about.

 And I must share my little girl

With friends and work and play;

She’s not a baby anymore –

She’s in First Grade today.


I thought it would be easier this year, it wasn’t like it was kindergarten, but it was just as emotional. Does it ever get easier?

Thankfully the first day was only half day and she was home to help make lunch and eat together.

I will treasure these moments forever! We will miss her tomorrow, she will have lunch at school.

How did your little ones first day of school go? Did you shed a few tears? Maybe your little one isn’t in school yet, do you have any reservations? Or maybe your children are out of school,  in which case I have to ask, does it ever get easier?

14 thoughts on “1st day of School …pass the tissues!

  • What a milestone for moms and kids; the first day of school! My own baby just started his first day as a professor at Yale, and I wish I was there to make a healthy breakfast and send him off with a little encouraging note in his lunchbox!

    • A Professor at Yale, that is awesome! You be must be one proud mom. So you’re saying it never really gets any easier? I had a feeling. Why must children grow? Thank you for sharing Enchanted Seashells.

  • i’m tearing up as you recall your experience:) i think we all know how i will handle hadley when she starts school. joseph will have to take the day off to drive through my tears!

    • Aww…I will be there for you too! In fact, I have a good friend who had me over for tea & tears last year for the first day of Kindergarten, such an emotional day. I will host tea & tears when Hadley starts school.

  • We have one week to go but I am anticipating some jealousy! Our little guy is starting preschool and has bus pickup but our big guy goes to a school with no bus service and I drive him….but he loves buses and wants to ride one to school. Fun times ahead ;/)

    • Oh dear! I have to be honest, I am so glad I am not in your shoes. That is a complicated thing to explain to a child. I wish you the best with that conversation. Enjoy your last few days of summer! Why must the summer go by so quickly?

  • Kat, I am so glad that Mya had a great first day! Before we know it, it will be the day we drop them off @ college. I am going to need a support group then lol. On a side note, I was looking @ old photos on our Paygroup’s website and I teared up a couple of times seeing our kids so young! Where did the time go?

    • Stop it…lol! I am having issues with first grade, let’s not think of college. But you are right; it goes by way to fast. I can remember when I was a child and thought my mom was nuts when she would cry on the first day of school. Now I admire her ability to maintain composure and not illustrate that ugly cry when she would drop me off. I will be one hot mess when I drop off my baby at college…yes; a support group is a must. I am off to look at those pics….because I haven’t cried enough this week, lol!

  • As a Mom of 3 teens, i can tell you that the first day was always hard ( especially since I was a stay at home Mom for many years) I too got together with my Mom friends for coffee and to keep our minds busy. I think the hardest day of all happened when my youngest daughter went too. I felt so empty without her. Before that I would send off the older kids knowing I still had one at home…then she went too. It was tough 😦 As a side note, once she got to grade one I went back to work and I ended up in her classroom!

    • Mary, just the other day I was thinking about this exact situation, when my baby goes off to Kindergarten. That will be one of the saddest days of my life, talk about a life altering moment. I can’t imagine not having a child at home with me. I so enjoy this time, this stage in my life, with younger children. I think part of me is worried whether or not I have what it takes to handle middle school and high school. I have got this preschool and toddler thing down, can’t I just stay here forever, lol! I know like all the other stages in my life that the fear of the unknown is the worst part. And as you said, support is what gets you through, support from good friends, family, and a great hubby. And maybe going back to work is the perfect distraction from the quiet mornings and early afternoons with no one uttering mommy…mama…mom. Though, it sounds like you lucked out, how cool to have your little one in your class! Thank you for sharing Mary.
      Have a good night,

  • I use to tell myfriends that the current stage of development for my child was the best yet. How true. Very excieted for your children and you as you all grow and learn more about life. It is a worderful thing to be a Mom – to live in the moment, be part of the past as memories for our children and yet touch the future. Enjoy this school year:)

    • Thank you for reminding me to treasure each stage of my children’s development. When one stage of development passes sometimes I think as moms we mourn the loss of the past, of the baby, toddler, preschooler, and lose track of our purpose as parents. This might have a little something to do with our own mortality. Each milestone our child achieves means they are one step further away from needing us. Though, from a personal standpoint I may not need my mom to do thing for me like when I was a child but the adult relationship I have is priceless and one day I hope to have the same with my own children. Thank you for sharing Mesha,

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