Moms’ Timeout Episode I (video)

I need to first apologize to anyone who tried to tune in and watch our show live on Monday. We experienced a few technical difficulties for our first show and it did not go live, unbeknownst to us. We actually went through the entire show and then noticed that we were not being seen, so disappointing! But we handled the situation with class; we had a glass of wine and then did the exact same show again. If you don’t succeed at first try…try again…and so we did! So without further ado, Moms’ Timeout Episode I….

And Part II….

Do you have any Time Management or planning tips to add to the list? Or perhaps you can relate to some of the issues we discussed?

Please share your thoughts, ideas for future shows, suggestions for the format of the show, any and all comments are graciously welcomed so please share. Don’t worry; you will not hurt my feelings.

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