The First Day of Autumn!


Knock…knock…knock…what is that knocking on your door? Why it is autumn! And I don’t know about you but I am welcoming autumn with open arms…a cozy sweater…pumpkin pie…and a visit to Gust Brother’s Pumpkin Farm….


Well, truth be told, we welcomed the first day of Fall a little early this year. Yesterday my two younger kiddos and I meet up with our playgroup at Gust Brother’s Pumpkin Farm.  Gust Brother’s Pumpkin farm is the essence of autumn, upon arrival they have wagons and wheel barrow to borrow on your adventures through the farm. They have animals on the farm including, goats, sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, etc. that the kiddos so enjoy seeing.  There are also tons of, well, pumpkins!

They also sell gourds, apples, eggplant, Indian corn, hay, fruit crisps, etc. basically anything Fall related.  Also, no matter which way you turn the view is a pure vision of autumn, if you get a chance to visit I dare you to take a bad picture, seriously …the scenery is amazing!


The kiddos and I got out some of our Fall decorations this morning….and our Fall books….

Thought I would share some fun Fall Riddles and Poems…


Riddle: Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater


Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,

Had a wife but couldn’t keep her,

Put her in a pumpkin shell,

And there he kept her, very well.



Song: I’m a Little Pumpkin….tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”


I’m a little pumpkin

Orange and round.

 Here is my stem,

I grew in the ground.


When I get all cut up,

Don’t you shout!

Just open me up

And scoop me out!

Poem: A Child’s Calendar November

 by John Updike


The stripped and shapely

Maple grieves

The ghosts of her

Departed leaves.


The ground is hard,

As hard as stone.

The year is old,

The birds are flown.


And yet the world,

In its distress,

Displays a certain



I am so looking forward to all the splendor Fall has to offer including….the leaves changing, leaf rubbings, pumpkin pie, carving pumpkins, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin lattes (you get the idea), long nature walks in the park, sweaters, picking apples, apple pie, hayrides, Halloween, Thanksgiving, fires in the fireplace,….and so much more!

So what is your favorite season of the year? How do you welcome autumn…do you have a family tradition? Do you and your kiddos have a favorite autumn inspired book, riddle, or poem that you read? Please share…

7 thoughts on “The First Day of Autumn!

  • Fall is my favorite season 🙂 Crisp air, golden sun, long hikes through brilliantly colored and crunchy leaves. We try to go apple picking every year, followed by the nightly apple inspired dessert to use up all of the apples we picked lol

    • Jumping in leaves…I totally forgot about the fun had racking and jumping in leaf piles. Oh, and the crunch of the leaves as you shuffle your feet… there is nothing like it, thanks for reminding me. I am so excited! I am looking forward to reading about your adventures with your kiddos during this fabulous season…and pictures, the colors will peak near your first, please share! Bring on the Fall colors!

      • When I was a kid, the fall color change meant a trip to Hidden Lake Gardens and I looked forward to it all year 🙂 Driving up and down and around the hills to see the leaves, walking beside the lake with it’s brilliant blue hues and snowy swans following you to see if you have a treat, hiking through the already fallen leaves, the warmth of the Conservatory after the chill of the hike, the wonder of the minature worlds in the Bonsai room. I was always fascinated by the Bonsai trees–my oldest also is and together we look forward to seeing it 🙂

  • I love that you get out your fall books! That is exactly what I did when my kids were little (and i think I had some of the same ones as you) I still have them in my storage bin! It is funny to see everyone decorating for Fall when it does not feel like fall here in Kansas.

    • That is such a bummer Mary. Maybe you can recreate the Fall feeling within your home…first to really capture the crisp temp…turn down your AC to about 65 degrees, now for the fall breeze…add a few oscillating fans, put on a cozy sweater, make a pumpkin pie and enjoy the aroma as it lingers throughout your home, lastly go to a hobby store and purchase silk leaves to throw at the oscillating fan… and voila, Fall! Lol!
      Hold onto those books for your grandbabies one day, they will thank you!
      Have a fabulous day Mary,

      • ha ha very creative!! The evenings are getting cooler so maybe fall isn’t far away…. but I am not really sure! LOL

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