Kelly’s Kits: Multisensory tool, Geography lesson, Contests and more!

We received our Kelly’s Kit last week and the kiddos were beyond excited! They were begging me to open the box so they could see the fun that awaited them inside the package! So we tore that sucker open and our 6 year screamed with excitement when we saw that it was Kelly’s Klay! (Each month is different so it is exciting to see what surprise is inside).

So we retrieved the directions and started mixing up the clay.


Then each kiddo had a chance to play with the clay. 

For our preschooler and toddler we used Kelly Klay as a multisensory tool to teach letter and number identification!  We simply formed the clay into alphabet letters and numbers.  I then encourage each to identify the letter they made and practice the phonic sounds of each.  As an added bonus I had our preschool, with a little help from his older sister, do a few addition problems with the numbers.  For example, I formed a 2, +, and 3, and then he formed the solutions, the number 5.


For our first grader we focused on geography, to be more precise, the state she resides in, Ohio. She formed the clay into the shape of the state, identified the major cities, and included a couple of rivers.  Not bad for a six-year-old.

The kiddos have been playing with the clay since we opened the package. We stored it in an airtight container so they could quiz each other on addition equations and their phonics whenever they pleased (I got it out while I prepared dinner, it was perfect, they were occupied for a few minutes and I liked the fact that they were having fun while learning, that is what I like most about Kelly’s Kits).

Yesterday they did finally decide on a Krazy Kritter for the Masterpiece Challenge. What is the Masterpiece challenge? Glad you asked….

Masterpiece Challenge (all ages): Use simple “found” objects to incorporate into your Kelly Klay assemblage and create a Krazy Kritter! Found objects can include: buttons, dried pasta, rice, beans, nuts & bolts, toothpicks, corks, old jewelry, bottle caps, use your imagination!!!! Found object art is using “found” items that have a non-art purpose to create art from! Submit your entries to win a $50 visa card!

Please say hello to Happy Rainbow Turkey (yep, they all decided on that name). Wish them luck!

We so enjoyed this month’s Kelly’s Kit and can’t wait for next months to arrive! Want in on all the fun?  Enter to win one of 10 annual memberships valued at $99.90 each!  BONUS: Everyone who enters will also get a promotional code for FREE Kit (one-time $2.49 shipping fee applies). Click here to be linked to the facebook page, click like, and then enter to receive your promotional code for a FREE Kit and your chance to win an annual subscription. Good Luck!

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