Sunday’s Food for the Soul: Humility

I have been posting Sunday’s food for the soul on Mom on the go in Holy Toledo’s Facebook page and it has been received well. I realize that not everyone follows the Facebook page so I thought I would start including it as a post. Sunday’s food for the soul is a simple phrase, saying, or contemplation on how to live a more focused, centered, less stress-full, and more fulfilling life. It is a great reflection to get the week started and hopefully carry with you for the duration of the week. Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, tribulations, etc. as they relate to the week’s topic.
Sunday’s food for the soul……humility and inner peace go hand in hand.

Our culture is very status conscious and people naturally want to socialize upward. Resist the temptation of being partial to those with status or wealth.  Resist the urge to brag or try to convince others of your worth…people are drawn to individuals with inner confidence that do not need to make themselves look good or be right all the time, who instead speak from their heart and not their ego.


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