Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Parenthood


The day started off perfect. We picked the kiddos up from my parents’ house after a fabulous overnight. We stopped at Meijer’s and got a few odds and ends. Most importantly, boots for our son since the forecast called for 6 inches of snow. We didn’t want him to be the only one not enjoying the snow. (BTW we totally lucked out, one of the 6 pairs that were left on the shelf was a size 3, score!)

snowfun 011

Once home the kiddos managed to find their mittens, hats, scarfs, and snow pants with ease. And not one had to pee after getting all bundled up. I am telling you it was like that perfect euphoric day that moms’ only dream of…like an urban mom legend. Haha! Then we all headed outside to enjoy the beautiful snow that graced our yard.  The hubs cleared the snow while the kiddos and I got to work making igloos, snow angels, and more!

 snowfun 004

snowfun 009


We tend to gauge our outdoor time by the youngest. When her hat, mittens, and scarf are caked with snow and her face is a blushing pinkish red it is time to go in. So we all headed indoors. My husband took our son to a birthday party while the girls and I made hot cocoa and decorated the gingerbread house.

snowfun 015


I so treasured that time together. The girls and I talked about dolls, candy, and the future (immediate future, mostly Christmas and Valentine’s Day) our conversation took me back to my childhood. As I sat their frosting the house and placing one gumdrop on the house, one in my mouth, and giggling I suddenly felt like a little girl again. All my worries about getting everyone’s Christmas gifts, bills, laundry, etc. went out the window and I was totally encapsulated by the moment. I experienced pure mommy bliss. And thank goodness I did because the Mr. Hyde of parenthood was lingering just around the corner.

snowfun 037

My husband picked up our son from the party while I got dinner ready.  We planned on a movie night so that means pizza woo-hoo!  So the kiddos got their little tables out and placed them in front of the television. Our son returned from the party. He had a great time! I inquired about the food situation at the party. To which he replied that he had a little to eat but he was hungry for dinner. So we sat down and started to eat and watch Family Man (love that movie but there are definitely a few parts you need to fast-forward if kiddos are watching). Then it happened! Like a flip of a switch my mommy bliss was turned off!

Our 3 year old stated she had to go potty so she ran upstairs. Our oldest daughter started to complain, weep, and whine about her day and how it wasn’t fair that her brother got to go somewhere but she didn’t. Our son stood up and expressed that he wasn’t feeling very well. He made it up two whopping steps before vomiting everywhere!  He then expressed that he had already eaten a lot at the party (um, ya think!?) Meanwhile our 3 year old who has been trying to master wiping after going #2 managed to use an entire roll of toilet paper which shockingly did not flush. Oh the sounds! The smell! The horror! AHH!

Parenthood…in the words of Forrest Gump…you never know what you’re gonna get.  Surprisingly those perfect blissful moments make all those nasty, toilet clogged, vomit clean up, while listening to a child whine moments totally worth it! True?

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