A place for Kittens to hang their Mittens

Here in NW Ohio we were blessed with 6 inches of snow and the kiddos could not have been more excited! Don’t you just love seeing their eyes light up when they see snow? There is something magical about those big flakes falling from the sky. It is as if you are inside a snow globe. 

So they put on all their winter gear with much anticipation of the fun to be had and headed out into the beautiful white fluffy snow.  They made snow angels,snow art, a fort, shoved the snow, one even took a dive into the snow (perhaps not the brightest idea but I understood her logic…if you can swim in water why not snow?) and then ten minutes later they came back inside (forgot to mention it was freezing!). Haha!

So they piled inside and shed all their winter gear…mittens, hats, scarves, boots, snow pants, coat, second pair of socks, first pair of sock (Isn’t it funny how it take 20 minutes to put it all on, they play for 10 minutes, and manage to take it all off in less than 3 minutes?!). Meanwhile I prepared some hot cocoa for them to warm up and then got them situated in the kitchen.  While they sipped I slipped. Tiled floor and melting snow is clearly not a good combination. But what’s a mom to do? Hang a clothes line across the living room?

mittens 009


So I grabbed an old shutter we had lying around and wrapped it in yarn. Put it on top of a rug by the front door with some clothes pins and voila! Now we have a place for the kiddos to hang all their wet winter gear when they come in from playing in the snow. And an added bonus, they always know where their mittens are located.

mittens 001


This has been working like a charm. It is perfect for homes that might not have a lot of space or lack a mud room. And this Kat could not be prouder of her kittens for not losing their mittens (sorry I had to, when your name is Kat and you have kids that wear mittens…you get the idea). Haha!

mittens 005


So, have your little ones been out in the snow?  Where do your kittens keep their mittens? Don’t you just love fresh, white, fluffy snow…you know, before it turns into a muddy slushy mess?

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