#23 Playing Dress up

There are 101 reasons why 3 year olds rule and here is #23…….

Playing Dress up!

So there I was casually folding laundry in my bedroom when our 3 year old came skipping into the room declaring, “Mommy it is dress up time!!” Clearly I had not been given the updated itinerary….silly me, I thought next on the agenda was put underwear and towels away. Haha!

“Let’s do dress up and nails!! Please! Pink and purple please?” she said with those big baby blue eyes that make it difficult to say no. Hmmm…put underwear and towels away or play dress up and do nails with this little cutie…duh, total no brainer. Haha! “Of course we can!” I declared as she ran into the family room to get one of her dress ups on. Meanwhile I set up the nail polish while I eaggerly awaited a little princess to come around the corner. So you can imagine my surprise when she came around the corner dressed in this….

toddlers 011


Haha! This is the cutest little Spiderman I have seen in a long time. This was one of her big brother’s favorites.


 toddlers 013


So for the first time EVER I got to paint Spiderman’s nails. Haha!

 toddlers 014

Pink and Purple of course!

toddlers 019

No matter what age your children are there are easily 101 reasons why they rock too! Do share…Why do your kiddos rock? What have they done that had you laughing hysterically, crying, or simply smothering them with kisses?

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