#23 Playing Dress up

There are 101 reasons why 3 year olds rule and here is #23…….

Playing Dress up!

So there I was casually folding laundry in my bedroom when our 3 year old came skipping into the room declaring, “Mommy it is dress up time!!” Clearly I had not been given the updated itinerary….silly me, I thought next on the agenda was put underwear and towels away. Haha!

“Let’s do dress up and nails!! Please! Pink and purple please?” she said with those big baby blue eyes that make it difficult to say no. Hmmm…put underwear and towels away or play dress up and do nails with this little cutie…duh, total no brainer. Haha! “Of course we can!” I declared as she ran into the family room to get one of her dress ups on. Meanwhile I set up the nail polish while I eaggerly awaited a little princess to come around the corner. So you can imagine my surprise when she came around the corner dressed in this….

toddlers 011


Haha! This is the cutest little Spiderman I have seen in a long time. This was one of her big brother’s favorites.


 toddlers 013


So for the first time EVER I got to paint Spiderman’s nails. Haha!

 toddlers 014

Pink and Purple of course!

toddlers 019

No matter what age your children are there are easily 101 reasons why they rock too! Do share…Why do your kiddos rock? What have they done that had you laughing hysterically, crying, or simply smothering them with kisses?

Ghost of Halloween Costumes Past

Mama’s to do list on this wet Wednesday:

  • Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
  • Drop off at school
  • Baby story time at the library
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Figure out where that weird smell is coming from
  • Go through Make-believe Basket
  • Go Buy a Wet Suit
  • Snack & Craft time

Well, it is that time of year again, time for the semi-annual review of the make-believe basket.  Our make-believe basket started four years ago when our eldest was almost two years old.  It started with her Halloween costume from that year and it has taken off and now includes over a dozen costumes and dress-ups.  Most of the make-believe clothes are from past Halloween’s but we have also accumulated a few from great deals after Halloween.  After Halloween the costumes are a steal from most of the second-hand stores.  I also like to stock up on accessories for future birthday parties examples include, tiaras, crowns, wands, pirate eye patches, masks, etc. There are often great deals on Halloween decorations too.

There is a method to this mama’s madness… I have decided to lay each costume out with accessories so that I can carefully review each for any holes, stains, missing pieces, etc. After the review each will be sent on their necessary mission, whether it be to the laundry room, rag bin(future hairball/dog puke cleaner-upper), patching place (nana’s house to be sewn), or, for those few fortunate costumes, on to next years inventory.

So, on with the show!

Holy Toledo, there was a lot of additional random stuff in this basket.  It was obviously the catch-all location for the random game pieces, legos, building blocks, ½ eaten apple (Oh dear, that must have been the smell. Alleluia! I can cross that off my to do list), my underwear (Really!?! I do not want to know), hair clips, and much more.

Mission complete! Our make-believe basket is back in top-notch condition and the kiddos now have some backup costumes should theirs fall prey to the random mud splash during the school Halloween parade or candy induced vomit fit, or whatever may attack their costumes.

Do tell, what are your kiddos going to be for Halloween? So, do you have a backup costume for your little one?