Say Cheese

End of school year pictures! I adore the idea of having all 3 kiddos together for a picture (truth be told we haven’t had a portrait of all the kids together in forever, in fact, the last time we did we only had two kids, haha!) and then have each child have their own as well. But there is no way my 3-1/2 year old would wait around for her sister and brother to get theirs’ done, especially when the pictures are being taken at a park that has a playground. She would literally bail on us and take off for the playground…God has blessed me with an extremely strong-willed and fearless child…3rd times a charm. Haha! Thus in an effort to hopefully achieve 3 awesome individual portraits and one of all 3 children together I am spacing it out in 3 trip. I realize it sounds crazy but it really is worth it. So today was our little Gracie girls’ turn. She was a hilarious. She did her own thing most of the time. She added a few jumps, dance moves, and flamboyant gestures.  But we just went with it and of course there was a little bribing towards the end…who wouldn’t smile for a cake pop, right!?  Thankfully we achieved a few successful pics and some that are just funny and basically capture her temperament at that moment. I am going to miss having a 3 year old around. Enjoy!


parkshrimp 026


parkshrimp 096


parkshrimp 023



parkshrimp 087


parkshrimp 091


parkshrimp 062


parkshrimp 056


parkshrimp 069


parkshrimp 044


parkshrimp 060


And she wanted one of her with her favorite shoes….this girl cracks me up. Haha!


parkshrimp 100


So, how often do you get your child’s picture taken? What about family portraits? That’s another one we are past due on….I was pregnant in our last one, with the 3-1/2 year old.

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