Jamerican Meatloaf Recipe


Dinner is served!! This isn’t your grandma’s meatloaf. No ma’am. This takes meatloaf to a whole new level. Say goodbye to the mundane & hello to a symphony for your taste buds. After taking his first bite my son goes, “You didn’t make this…I don’t need a lot of ketchup.” Lol! There you have it folks, so good the kids won’t be asking for ketchup…and isn’t that really what we all aspire to when it comes to cooking? Bahaha! Who wants the recipe?



Jamerican Meatloaf

Serves 4-6


2lbs ground meat (½ pork, ½ beef is a great mixture)

1 small yellow onion, small diced

1 red pepper, small diced

3 cloves minced garlic (or sub 3 tsp preminced


1 egg

1 teaspon of salt

1 teaspoon of curry

1 teaspoon of allspice

1 tablespoon of pepper

1 tablespoon of coconut aminos

2 tablespoon almond or coconut flour

Prep Directions:

1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Form into a loaf shape and place in a gallon

size freezer bag. Get as much air out as possible and seal. Label.

Serving Directions:

hands on 5 minutes, hands off 4-5 hours

1. Remove from freezer and place in refrigerator to thaw overnight.

2. Line your crock pot with 2 strips of foil in the shape of a cross. Place the meatloaf in

the center. Cook on low for 4-5 hours. You can set this in the morning and then let it

go to the “keep warm” setting once cooked, until ready to serve.

3. Remove meatloaf from crockpot using the foil handles. Slice it up and enjoy!

Suggested Sides:

Roasted Carrots tossed with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder

White rice (mix with tomato paste, butter, salt, pepper)



This is 1 of 8 meals we made at a Fill the Freezer event with other local bloggers. The workshop was sponsored by Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Pork Council, and Ohio Beef Council.  Huge thank you to them and the amazing ladies especially LivingIt & Dirt Road Charm who took the time, effort, and energy to organize this amazing event!!




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