The Best Moms in the World buy these….they are the Coolest!!

Move over June Clever, out of my way Donna Reed, hasta la vista Beverly Goldberg! It is official folks; I am the Best Mom in the World!! I so graciously accepted the title from my preschooler this afternoon. So how does one earn the title, Best Mom in the World? Give the children unlimited screen time? Let them buy whatever they want down the toy isle? Spoon feed them ice cream for breakfast?

This might surprise you but earning the Best Mom in the World title doesn’t’ require bribing them with screen time, sugar, or toys! So what does it take? A book! That’s right, it is that simple, a book. But not any ordinary book, this book is extra special! This book makes your child the star! And let’s be honest, there is nothing cooler than being the main character of the book when you are a toddler/preschooler.

maddybook 044

Thus, when I sat down with my little Maddy Grace to read a book today I shocked her when she found out she was the lead, the star, in the spotlight throughout the story. “Mommy, that’s my name!!” she exclaimed when I read the title, Maddy Grace and The Magic Shoes. And then when I started reading she literally shrieked with pure elation when she realized the book was about her!!

maddybook 020

“Read it again! Read it again, mommy!” she requested before I even finished reading the last page.


maddybook 008



maddybook 031

“Mommy, can I take this to school for the sharing bag? I want to show all my friends the book about me”.

Then, after we read it three times she said it, “You are the Best Mom in the World”. Swoon! Seriously my heart melted as she squeezed me and gave me a big kiss.

maddybook 039


maddybook 043

I almost felt guilty. Guilty because it was effortless on my part, it wasn’t like I wrote the book or illustrated the pages. I literally only had to answer 3 questions & ordered the book that was the extent of my work. Not too terribly exhausting at all…kinda feeling a tad guilty for accepting the title now, kinda! Ha-ha!

I have officially located my ‘go-to’ congrats on the new baby and birthday present for all the little tots and preschoolers in my life. Why not shoot for some more titles, Best Godmother, Aunt, Neighbor, etc. Kids NEVER forget the adult who gave them a book about themselves, where they are the stars!

They offer books of various interests for boys and girls. And like I said, it is super easy…talk about a huge return on your investment! Simply click on the image below to get started.


 Happy Reading! Cheers!


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