Keto Sushi

Hi y’all, hope you are making it a great one today! So, I have received a lot of messages from you awesome followers expressing an interest in the ketogenic diet, more specifically requesting that I share what I eat on a daily basis. First off let me say congrats to all of you, the first step towards a new journey is research and gaining knowledge and that is precisely what you are doing, thus, you totally rock!! Second, I am more than happy to share what I eat however, since this is not strictly a food blog I don’t want to bombard the blog with food thus; I will try my best to incorporate at least one or two post on Ketogenic foods a week, and I will start with lunch today, I made what I like to call Keto Sushi! It is so good that I literally started eating it while photographing it, lol!

ketosushi 016


ketosushi 022


ketosushi 013


ketosushi 025


ketosushi 028

So, the mains staples for the Keto Sushi are seaweed wraps and cream cheese. You can add whatever you like to the center; things I enjoy include cucumbers, avocados, and my all-time favorite, and what I included in it for lunch today, smoked salmon.  It should be noted that you can use any type of salmon, filet or canned, you can use any fish, even meat if you like, or keep it simple and just have seaweed and cream cheese.

ketosushi 017

So, how do you make the sushi? Lay the seaweed wrap on the plate, place the cream cheese in the center (you will need to cut a slice and place it in the center, DO NOT try to spread, it will not spread)  then layer the remaining items on top, and then simply roll it up. I like to cut mine in two but you don’t have to, whichever way is easiest for you, there really is no right or wrong way, just enjoy!

ketosushi 009

This is a real simple to prep meal, so much so that my son and daughter like to make this for lunch the night before school. It travels nicely in a container; just make certain you keep it refrigerated or put an ice pack in your lunch bag.

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions, and/or advice in the comments. I so enjoy hearing your feedback! Cheers!!

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