Classy decor on a SAHM budget!? How this store plus Groupon Coupons makes the Magic Happen

Messes happen! And with a house full of kids, pets, and activities this house sees its fair share of messes. So much so that my husband and I have come to the conclusion that we will never own anything nice again, or at least, not until the kids move out. I mean, who wants to spend a fortune on new drapes just to have your toddler pee on them while potty-training? Or have your preschooler spill their wet pink paint Picasso rendition all over your new bedspread? And don’t even get me started with male dogs’ obsessions with throw pillows! Thus it seemed as though our home was destined to forever be stuck in the, “we have kids” design style. That is until I visited a store that I hadn’t visited since I was a kid, JCPenney!


I have to be honest, I always steered clear of JCPenney, I thought of it as an “old lady” store, filled with outdated fashion & designs, cheap quality; let’s just say I just didn’t have the fondest memory. Then one day I took a stroll in, went upstairs, and instantly feel in love, and the rest, as they say, is history. The quality was good, the designs were amazing-this definitely was not my grandmother’s JCPenney! But the one thing I really like that didn’t change was the prices. Affordable, quality items, that a parent doesn’t have to sentence a child to a lifetime of grounding to for spilling glitter glue (yep, that happened, lol!). I have since purchased custom blinds, drapery, bedspread, quilt, etc. at JCPenney and I am currently in the market for some wallpaper for the kitchen (yes, I said wallpaper! Who’s their grandmother now!? Lol!)


maddybday_bedroom 125



maddybday_bedroom 089

But wait, it gets better! JCPenney totally knows how to cater to us, “we have kids” design styles, you can couple it nicely with a French Country look, Contemporary, Modern, etc. but what about those prices, can we couple those with anything? How does a Groupon Coupon sound?

How it works:

So, on top of their already more affordable price points you can also pair that with a Groupon Coupon. They offer in-store, online, or “day of” codes for some sweet deep discounts. For example, here are some (3 of 20+) that they are offering now on clothes & house/home items:

  • JCPenney: 40% Off + EXTRA 10% Off Major Appliances
  • TODAY’s Promo Codes: Extra 30% Off $100+ Or Extra 25% Off Under $100 With JCPenney Coupon Code
  • JCPenney: 65% Off $100+ Or 50% Off $40+ On Regular Priced Items Or Take An Extra 25% Off Select Sale Items With JCPenney Coupon Code


Here is the JCPenney Groupon Coupon link (you might want to add this to your favorites):


One last thing, while I have your attention, which one do you prefer?



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