The 1st Step to Buying a New Family Vehicle a.k.a. Mom Car

“Are you STILL looking for a new car!?” That’s the comment I would receive 8 times out of 10 when family and friends inquired how the new car search was going after a year. As many of you know I did finally settle down with a new Mom Car after much deliberation this past July. So, why did it take me so long?

  • Time- It was difficult finding the time to go to the various car lots to look at vehicles. Between my husband’s crazy work schedule, kiddos extracurricular, and my own obligations little time was left to shop for a new vehicle.
  • Location- Because I want to get the best deal I want to shop all my options, which meant taking road trips that resulted in a lot of potty-breaks, bickering, fast-food, & no new car!
  • Mileage or Money- Without fail, I would find a vehicle I could see my family in and it was either too high in mileage or money!
  • Safety- I felt like I was forever researching safety statistic on every vehicle I came across…I have collated enough research for Master’s thesis!
  • Sunroofs-This was a deal breaker! My new vehicle had to have a sunroof! I don’t know if it is the fears of claustrophobia or what, but, I have to be able to have access to the view above me. And I know this one drove my husband insane! We would literally find the “almost” perfect vehicle, the mileage, number of passenger seats, warranty, and cost were precisely what we wanted, but if it didn’t have a sunroof I couldn’t commit.

After a year of this nonsense my husband mostly gave up on me finding my perfect new mom car match. He even suggested I get a notebook to log the gas I was using in our SUV since the gas gauge was broken and contemplated buying oil in bulk to save on our oil guzzling ride. I was also growing frustrated. I didn’t think buying a new car would be so hard, it had practically become a second job, eating up so much of my time and patience. I so desperately just wanted an assistant, a ‘buying a new car assistant’ to help me narrow down all these options? Turns out such an assistant does exist.

cars_comipadlogo is a website that allows your fingers to do the walking, no more having to reschedule appointments and extracurricular activities because there might be a car you’re interested in purchasing. In fact, you can literally be shopping for a car while in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or on the bleachers while your child warms the bench. The best part, you can narrow your search to, not just new/old, year, make, model, price, & mileage, but also, exterior color, interior color, number of doors, and yes, even sunroofs (click on keyword and type in sunroof…or whatever else is a deal breaker for you). This site made the process so much smoother, dare I say even enjoyable! I highly recommend making your first stop on your journey to purchasing a new family vehicle/ mom car.

Guess who got her sunroofs? In fact, I got 4 (1 operable)!!



Here’s a pic of the old Yukon vs our new ride! When you get a new car you are probably going to have to sell, recycle or dispose of the old one. For a quick way to sell, you can get in contact with a cash for cars website.


So kiss all that hard work goodbye & click on today…your new mom car is only a few clicks away!!

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