8 Tips for creating an Easter Basket with $12 or Less

Cadbury Eggs, chocolate bunnies, Reese’s Eggs, jelly beans, bunny shaped everything, etc. the aromas of chocolate, the sea of pastels, it’s just too hard to resist! After all, Easter only comes once a year and the kids won’t be young forever, so why not splurge? That was my logic in the past, but we are quarantined! We can’t break the bank. But that doesn’t mean we totally have to skimp…it just means we need to be a bit cleverer when assembling the baskets. This year our Easter basket budget is $12 a basket. How does a mom  manage to pull that rabbit from the hat?


8 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Easter Basket:

  1. A Tisket A Tasket, does it really have to be a basket?! No, the answer is no. It doesn’t always have to be a basket. It could be a hat, cap, shoes, boots, an umbrella, etc. boots016aChildren can always use storage containers, for LEGO bricks, Barbie’s, toy cars, socks, etc. legocontainerSo why not get them a practical container that they need anyway to use in lieu of a basket? In our case I needed to get the children new containers for their library books. And since I didn’t want to spend too much on the container I opted for a container from the Dollar Store.
  2. Don’t Hop on the Bandwagon! Ready-made baskets can be tempting but remember you are actually paying a bit more for the convenience. And often times what you see is literally what you get; there are no additional hidden items beneath ALL that packaging.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! It can be tempting to purchase the ready stuffed eggs, the ones that are already filled with some treat or another. But again, remember you are paying for convenience. Purchase the eggs and candy separately and stuff the eggs yourself, it may take a bit longer, but you will save money. Here’s a great example, I could have purchased each of my children their own egg already filled with jelly beans which would have cost $3, instead I purchased a package of 3 for $1 and a bag of jelly beans for $1, thus saving a $1, and every dollar adds up these days!basket3_picnik
  4. Don’t Buy Dust Bunnies! Steer clear of stuffed animals, they look adorable, and there is no disputing this fact. And have you seen the ones with the long soft floppy ears, my heart just melts thinking about them, they are too cute!! But, Mr. Floppy will not only drain most of the money budgeted for the basket, but, chances are he’ll also be collecting dust soon after Easter is over.
  5. Silly Rabbit Easter is for Jesus! Let’s not forget that Jesus is the reason for the season. There are some great religious books, coloring books, card games, etc. at the Dollar Tree starting at just one dollar.
  6. Save Egg-stra! Look for items sold with multiple packs and divide among the children’s baskets. For example, this box of sidewalk chalk was divided into 4 packs and these adorable bunny sacs were sold as 4 per package, thus for $2 I was able to put together 4 sidewalk chalk bunny sacs to place in baskets.basket4
  7. Keep it Real for Peep Sake! Do add items your children will actually enjoy after Easter. Those plastic bunny glasses will make for one adorable picture, but beyond that, how often will your little one really want to walk around with half a bunny mask for glasses? Think about what your children really like doing. I know mine are constantly asking to use my clipboard and for paper to draw on. Maybe your kiddo is currently obsessed with asking to help you clean (I miss those preschool years), get him a little broom of his own, or maybe your daughter enjoys cooking with you, add measuring cups to her basket.
  8. Remember it’s for Some-Bunny Special! Personalize each basket with an adorable note from the bunny! It doesn’t cost a dime and the children will really enjoy reading what the bunny has to say.



Have additional tips you would like to share? Hop to it! Just comment below with any tips, tricks, steals or deals you would like to share.

Hoppy Basket Shopping!


2 thoughts on “8 Tips for creating an Easter Basket with $12 or Less

  • We often do a sand pail as the easter basket because they are just a buck at the Dollar Tree and they ALWAYS have fun playing with them all summer. They collect their eggs in them, if we go to the beach they have a bucket, they carry things around the yard in them, one kid wanted to watch a plant grow and planted seeds in his LOL One of last year’s buckets became the bath toy bin because they like to play with it in the tub–when they are done, they make sure its empty and then put the ducks and things into :p

    • I love this!!! ❤ I like the fact that you allow the children to use their own creativity when coming up for ways to use a bucket. A bucket as a baskets and so much more! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing, love!

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