Easter Wreath Kid-friendly Craft

For our Little Flowers Girls’ Club meeting last week was discussed obedience, the Ten Commandments, watched The Prince of Egypt (cartoon version), and did a fun craft. The girls made Easter wreaths. They were really simple and the girls seemed to enjoy making them and adored the way they turned out. So I figured this was one I should definitely share. If you do have any questions feel free to post in the comments, loves.


Micheal’s Crafts & Jo-Ann’s offer pickup curbside service.



  1. Wrap the wreath form in the green yarn. Use the hot glue gun to secure the ends.
  2. Cut ribbon and wrap around wreath. Make a loop to hang wreath from, you can hot glue it together or simply tie.
  3. Next, decorate the wreath, have dun with it, let kiddos sporadically or clump various decor together.


wreathsandfun 007

wreathsandfun 009

wreathsandfun 011

wreathsandfun 014

wreathsandfun 039

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