Summer Break 2020 Schedule & Weekday Activities

Fish out of water! There I stood in front of the school, dropping off the kiddos’ final packets  into the bin. As the last paper escaped my grip I felt a coolness fall over my body, I could hear my heart pounding in my head, and it was as if I forgot how to breathe as the realization of, “now what?” sunk in. The kiddos have been home since March, which has been exhausting, but thankfully their classwork continued via packets, Google classroom, Zoom, etc. But now what? Now that they’ve been home for a few months it feels like they should be going back to school, but they’re not, they’re home for 12 MORE WEEKS! I literally felt like a fish out of water, gasping for air, desperate to be thrown back, and rejoin my school.  As I drove home I knew what I had to do, have a glass of wine, a good cry, and come up with a solution!


The solution I came up with was a schedule! Didn’t see that coming did you, lol! We would need a new routine to our day, a new schedule to follow for summer otherwise we would legit waste it away sleeping & on screens. But I also knew the pendulum could swing in the opposite direction and suddenly I’d be the “Camp Director, Counselor, & Activities Coordinator” running a full on mini Summer Camp with 12 different activities in one day!  I finally landed somewhere in the middle, with a summer schedule that’s a loose one, open to a bit of flexibility, and I made certain we have at least one fun activity planned a day, (but nothing too overwhelming for mom. 😉 ).


Without further ado, here is our Summer 2020 Schedule……. (note that where it indicates, Days of the Week Activities 2020 kiddos will then reference that worksheet. Depending on which day it is….we will either make something (Mondays), go on a trail (Tuesdays), play outdoors with water (Wednesdays, weather permitting), have a thoughtful/kindness activity (Thursdays), or just have some good old fashion fun (Fridays)!



days of the week activities 2020

How are you handling having the kiddo(s) home for a few more months after already having them home for a few months? Anyone else feel like a fish out of water? Have you put together a summer schedule/routine?


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