Where to go when you need a vacation in nature

After a long spell in the city, it’s natural to need an escape from all the hustle and bustle, along with the lockdown, for a minute! Whether it’s a secluded natural beauty-spot, or a spell in a cozy country town, a vacation in nature can have a restorative effect on the soul. Adding any one of these places to your travel bucket list offers a great way to get off the grid and enjoy some time for yourself with some of the natural world’s greatest secrets. Whether you want to explore some places this summer or wait until next year, nature is calling! 


Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Located just under 35 miles from the center of Reykjavík, Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s famous, idyllic lagoon. The silica-rich waters take on the lake’s signature blue color, whilst great accommodations at Blue Lagoon Spa testify to the therapeutic effect of the lagoons geothermal waters. You can experience the magic of the anti-aging, and healing waters as soon as the travel ban is lifted!


The Pitons, St Lucia


On the island of St Lucia stand the instantly recognizable twin volcanic mountains, the Pitons. Soak up the beauty and nature surrounding these two incredible natural monuments from a nearby beach. You can rent a boat for a day and explore the island with your family in the most relaxing way possible!


The Havasu Falls, Arizona


Getting to the incredible spot that is Havasu Falls first requires triumphing over a long hike within the Grand Canyon. Once you get there it will have been all worth it, with a canyon pool served by blue waterfall offering a place to cool off from the wild west heat! 


Lungern, Switzerland


Tucked into the very heart of Switzerland is the tiny town and landscape of Lungern. Whilst there’s plenty of chances to get in some high-octane skiing, there’s just as much around in the town and the country to make it a luxury natural escape. Don’t miss the opportunity to eat some fresh Swiss cheese and chocolate! 


The Dead Sea, Israel


A long way from the freshwaters of Iceland and Arizona is the Dead Sea on the border of Israel. Here the incredibly salty waters means you’ll effortlessly, therapeutically float without a care in the world in this famous and historic sea!


The Sekumpul Waterfall, Bali


Bali is well known for its stunning natural beauty and water course, and there is perhaps no better example of this than the Sekumpul Waterfall. A hike through the lush surrounding valley will bring you out into the unexpected, refreshing pools beneath the fall.


With a long Spring and Summer spent locked down in our homes, an escape out into nature is a great way to shake off the routine and feel once again liberated. The end of lockdown is the perfect time to dust off the passport and make the most of much missed world travel, away from the crowds and quarantines! Just make sure to check travel restrictions and take your mask, hand sanitizer, and gloves! 


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