Simpson Garden Park

Talk about a hidden gem! This is where nature, education, and bit of adventure collide all hidden amongst an urban landscape.  We ventured down the path of exploration leaving the noise of the world behind.   And somewhere along the way a gentle tranquility and overall sense of calm came over us…maybe it was in the Peace Garden? But I’m getting ahead of myself.

What is the Simpson Garden Park?

The Simpson Garden Park is 11 acres of gardens hidden in the middle of an urban landscape in Bowling Green, Ohio.  It’s like a walking classroom filled with vast knowledge on not only the conditions, the climate, and soil required for growing all the various plants, herbs, trees, etc. but also the role each plays in our life and the amazing relationship we have with nature. If you’re looking for a field trip to help explain the importance of plant life, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and how we need to nurture our environment Simpson Garden Park is the perfect place to visit.

The Simpson Garden Park dream became a reality thanks to many years of planning and fundraising. A combination of over $750,000 was raised by the Simpson Garden Park campaign committee and paired with over $1 million in public funding from BG Parks and Recreation Department.

Admission is free thanks to donations, (if you are interested in donating call, 419-354-6297) and all the amazing volunteers who donate their time, energy, and talent to provide such a gorgeous peaceful environment for learning, walking, and just being present in nature.

Simpson Garden Park

Address: 1291 Conneaut Ave, Bowling Green, OH 43402

Phone: (419) 354-6297


Hours: Open daily 6AM-8PM

Admission: FREE

Know before you go…….

  1. Simpson Garden Park has 13 different types of gardens. I highly recommend leaving the Children’s Discovery Garden as the last Garden you visit, for if it is your first you’ll have a difficult time getting littles to leave!
  2. There are restrooms but during Covid they are locked, there is a number to call in case of an emergency.
  3. Take a screenshot of this map or print it off, this will be your guide.
  4. Bring water to hydrate. Sunblock. And depending on the season, bug spray.
  5. Make sure your memory card isn’t full because you’re going to want to take pic!
  6. Simpson Garden Park is mostly ADA and stroller accessible, only spot we had an issue was near the peace garden where there were a few steps…you can easily go around and still experience everything.
  7. Enjoy!!

Shade Garden…..

This is one of the largest ornamental gardens in the park.

Peace Garden….

A waterfall, stream and pond leads down into a peaceful site, surrounded by rolling hills and trees. The simplicity of oriental gardens is reflected in the design and intent of the Peace Garden.

Rotary Amphitheater….

Upland Garden…..

Sculpture Garden…..

Sensory Garden….

Accessible to people of all abilities, this walled garden features raised planting beds, a running waterfall, beautiful color walls and lovely seating areas. The garden focuses on stimulating the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch. Each raised bed is devoted to a different sense and visitors are sure to find delight in exploring this garden. 

Children’s Discovery Garden…..

Here they encourage visitors to explore, touch, pick, water, & plant in this wonderful garden. The goal is to unite people to the land through a series of educational gardens: the Underground Room teaches about bedrock, soil, roots and decomposers. The waterfall, stream and pond focus on the importance of water and the water cycle. A Silly Garden and Potting Shed lets children use their imagination and allows plants to become tools of learning that they can take home and observe. The Storybook Garden, Mr. McGregor’s Garden and Herb Garden celebrate plants as food and the role they play in human culture. The Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden shows the critical partnership between plants and birds and plants and insects. Without pollination, there would be no seeds and no food! 


Make an afternoon of it and stop off at Campus Pollyeye’s for some of their  Famous Stuffed Breadsticks or better yet, get them to go and take them to the City Park for a picnic and then kiddos can run off any excess energy on the playgrounds!!


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