Where to Vacation at in Northern Italy for Summer 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot away from the year 2020. Travel bans have made it impossible for people to go on vacations, trips, and experience some of the world’s best destinations. However, there is hope that by the Summer of 2021, international travel will be open, and you will be able to revisit places. One of the top destinations that most people hope to visit when international travel has resumed, is Italy. The Northern region of Italy is an incredible destination that sometimes can be left behind thanks to the beauty in central and the southern parts of Italy. But let’s be honest, the whole country is just beyond gorgeous! Below are some vacation spots to visit in Northern Italy. 


When you hear of Italy, you are sure to also hear of Milan. This young, urban, and modern European city is the financial and style capital of Italy and you’ll see it the second you arrive. From wandering around the fashion district, you can shop till you drop at Prada, or get yourself something more special like visiting the Patek Philippe boutique of Pisa Orologeria in Milan. After the fashion districts, there’s a ton of amazing museums and art galleries to visit, such as Palazzo Reale. Make sure to have aperitivo in the Navigli district and blend in with the Milanese! 


Verona is a city on the Adige River in Northern Italy and it’s easily considered one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Why is that? Juliet’s balcony is right in the center of Verona, yes the very balcony where Romeo proclaimed his love to his beloved Juliet! On top of that, there’s a small roman amphitheater right in the center where if you time it right, you can catch a beautiful opera show. Verona also hosts important historical buildings, the roman edifices, and a wide range of medieval architecture.

Desenzano (Lake Garda)

Desenzano is one of the most idyllic towns along Lake Garda. It is located on the wider southern shore of Lake Garda, not too far from Sirmione (another gorgeous lakeside town). You can view the amazing Italian Alps across the lake and generally see snow on top of the mountains! For a relaxing, slow, lake lifestyle that isn’t too known to most international tourists, Lake Garda is the perfect place. 


The capital of Veneto, Venice is considered by many to be the most luxurious and beautiful city in the world! Get lost in the canals and by the splendor you can find in the city’s medieval architecture. You can go for a gondola ride and get serenaded by seeing Venice via boat. The seafood offered in Venice is also some of the best in the world, as they get almost everything right there in their waters! On top of the seafood, don’t forget to drink an Aperol Spritz…they were invented in Veneto. 

Italy is one of the places that has been hit hard by the pandemic. Therefore, visiting the places on this list will not only be advantageous to you, but it will also help you to give back to the economy of Italy. You also get to enjoy fantastic Italian cuisine. 

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