4 Tips For Healthy Family Living During Unpredictable Times

Raising a family is tough, raising a family during a pandemic is a full on challenge! Having kids at home learning virtually has brought about a sedentary lifestyle no parent has ever had to deal with before. Sitting in front of Chromebooks or Laptops for 6+ hour a day can not only strain children’s eyes, mess with their sleep schedule, but, it can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. With no recess or gym and ample snacks literally feet away in their own kitchen the temptation to grab a sweet or salty snack is real. Thus, though there are many factors working against us as parents it is still possible to raise a healthy, wholesome family even during a pandemic – the key is to remain vigilant. Are you looking for ways to create and establish healthy habits in your family? The following tips should help.

  1. Making healthy food choices

Always ensure that everyone in the family begins their day with a healthy breakfast to fuel the body and supply the energy it needs. Eat together as a family as often as possible, do not eat in front of screens, and make sure that each meal is balanced with the right nutrients required to kickstart the body into a productive day. In addition to healthy eating choices, it is essential to drink a lot of water. Often children confuse dehydration for hunger. Water has so many benefits to the human body. It keeps the body hydrated, removes toxins, supports the digestion process, and so much more. Adults should drink at least eight glasses, and children should consume five to eight cups of water every day.

  1. Create free time for family activities

Understandably, parents work around the clock to provide for their families in addition to the challenging task of raising a family, but this can be quite overwhelming and lead to both physical and mental breakdowns due to stress. This is why it is essential to create free time for fun and leisure activities at home. Leisure is very important, as it not only gives you a break from the stresses you had to go through the week, but it also helps to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Spending your leisure time with your family creates a chance for you to bond and create good memories.

  1. Early health screening 

Early screening is ideal for early detection of many health conditions, especially if you have a family history of certain health conditions. Early detection makes it possible for swift and less costly medical solutions instead of waiting for symptoms. If your job exposes you to certain toxic materials that place your health at risk, you should go for early and regular examinations and speak to experts when needed. Some jobs require you to work with toxic substances that may be potentially dangerous to your health. In such situations, consult a doctor and speak to a mesothelioma attorney with extensive experience to help you deal with any legal issues that may come up. Harmful toxic substances can also find their way into your body if you smoke, so you should try to quit it as soon as possible through therapy and suitable meds

  1. Family exercise

One effective way of creating a healthy family is by living a very active lifestyle and exercising often. Which we know can be tricky when working and learning from home, just think of everyday activities that can help you get your steps in. For example, you do not always need to drive yourself everywhere, especially when running errands in your neighborhood. Sometimes, it is better to park the car and walk. Also, try taking the stairs often, instead of always using the elevator. If you’re driving to work, try parking a little farther away to give you walking distance to work. Schedule intervals of movement and get children’s up from their screens every half hour, have at least an hour of active play after their schooling, and plan for active play opportunities on the weekends, such as walking trail at the local park and finish with 20-30 minutes of climbing, swinging, etc. on the playground. These minor changes will do a great deal to promote an active and healthy life. 

Do you have a certain area that you feel you struggle with more than others….eating, exercise, stress management?

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