This is long overdue

I’ve been meaning to write this for some time now. It’s long overdue. But every time I escape into the computer room, open my laptop, my fingers barely graze the keys, and a silent alarm must sound altering the children that I’m about to give something else my undivided attention. For they all seemed to beacon before I can even type a word, “Mom, I need help submitting….”, “Mom, my screen froze!”, “Mom, I can’t type on my work in Google Docs”. It’s a miracle they aren’t banging on the door right now. I am currently hiding out in the bathroom, on the floor, with my laptop, fan on, so hopefully I’ll have a few uninterrupted minutes…I took this idea from the “Dad Handbook” ;), lol! So needless to say, this letter has been on my heart for some time, and it embarrasses me that I haven’t sent this sooner. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you’re such an important and significant part of my life. They say that life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away and though, an eloquent idea, I’d add that it isn’t just the big moment in life that matters, but the everyday that embrace life’s imperfections.  Looking back on my lifetime thus far most of my life’s imperfections, serious contemplations, and happy memories either took place with you or you helped me get through them, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this time to express just how much you’ve played a role in those moments.  

What started off as a walking buddy blossomed into therapy sessions, lol! 

I know our long walks started off as a great way to get the baby weight off. I gained SO MUCH with that first pregnancy and then to find out I was pregnant again when she was only nine months old and I still had 20 pounds to lose. That was a bit of a struggle initially and I think it was around that time when our walks became more therapeutic than exercise. In fact from that time on I learned that our walks could really help me come to see my husband’s side of an argument, where my mom was coming from with her advice, if indeed that friendship was toxic, etc. Now it’s almost instinct, when I need to work through my thoughts, my priorities, issues in life, or just have some clarity and peace of mind I come to you. Thank you for always being there, especially most recently during the pandemic quarantine and lockdown. I honestly don’t know if I would have gotten through that without you, you were quite LITERALLY my only outlet! Everyone else shut down but you were there, you were there for what became daily necessary walks, picnics in the car, and even the dreaded port-a-pot use, lol!  

You truly know the way to a mother’s heart, by giving special attention to the kids! 

Thank you for always being there for the kids, with your special and fun educational ideas when they were little…the books, conversations about nature, conservation, habitats, etc. And the cute crafts, stories, and snacks. Some of my fondest memories with my littles are with you. And even now, as tween and teens you’re helping us get through this crazy year.

And thank you for reminding me that life wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously, that fun is necessary and that traditions are important! 

From summer Glow Runs, the Christmas in July Run, to the annual Ice Cream Socials, you’ve reminded me that life is meant to be enjoyed! I’ve come to look forward to these summer gathers, they’ve quickly become a tradition.

And speaking of tradition, some of my fondest memories of childhood are of visiting your lavishly decorated home at Christmas time with my mother and grandmother and the fact that you’ve continued the tradition all these years is nothing short of fascinating. It’s now something I look forward to with my children, it isn’t officially Christmas season until we’ve had one of your s’mores and enjoyed the thrills adorned throughout your house.  

Lastly, congratulations on your expansion and growth. I’m beyond elated. And thank you, the investment of your growth is really invaluable and I must confess I am coming from a selfish place. For not only will it bring about so many amazing opportunities for our city. It will bring an enticing community that outsiders will long to be a part of, the community connectivity will really put downtown Toledo on the map.

Just thinking about the possibilities, the investors, the new growth, businesses, people, jobs, and families makes my momma heart so grateful, for the more jobs, the better chances of keeping my babies right here in the 419 so I can one day continue the traditions and make fond memories with my grandbabies at our amazing Metroparks. 

Thank you for the bottom of my heart for having such a rich imprint on my lifetime and so many others here in Toledo. You’ve got my vote! 



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