Your at-home Work, School, and Gaming Station NEEDS this!

“My butt hurts!” School, work, extracurriculars, etc. everything seems to be remote and virtual for the unforeseeable future and I don’t know about y’all but our hard wooden/metal chairs and low profile sectional were not made for endless hours on computer screens. By the end of the day the kids are complaining that their necks ache, backs are sore, and yes, even their butts hurt, lol! Now, I must admit, never in my life did I think I’d be goggling this, but, 2020 has had me doing a lot of things I never thought I’d ever do in my lifetime. 2020 has me shopping for gaming chairs, or let’s be honest, maybe we should just call them 2020 chairs. Not familiar with the gaming chair? A gaming chair is an ergonomically designed chair that provides the best support and comfort for a gaming/ work/school-station.  Anyone in your family complaining of these ailments-necks, backs, and/or butts starting to hurt? Then a gaming chair might just be the perfect solutions (and a great Christmas gift 😉 ) Check out the luxury chairs on about the very height of comfortable home work/school/gaming station! 

Game Chairs That Will Rock Your World!
Yes indeed, we all want an amazing, comfortable chair that rocks! And we can thank gamers for doing the heavy lifting so to speak for us newbies to the virtual lifestyle… More and more gamers are aware of the importance of having a seat specifically designed for video games, making the new gaming furniture developments incredible.

Padding and quality of pro gaming chairs are vital to your comfort. The best chairs will help you to game-on in life even at the vertex of Zoom meetings and Facetime conferences for longer periods of time.

The best chairs include frames made of steel and layered with cold foam padding. When sitting, this type of chair molds to the body shape. Upon standing, these chairs pop back to their original shape.

Great Game Chair Types

Welcome to a New Generation of Game Chairs:

  • Better than ever, today’s chairs are now 10 times more durable than the industry standard
  • Enjoy increased flexing capabilities, as well as improved scratch resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Check out a new chair that never gets wrinkled up and includes comfy fleece under the leather
  • New chairs include ergonomic design with great support to the body as well shoulders.

Mousepads To Love!

Why stop at the chair, deck out your work station with new mousepads that include:

  • Cool LED RGB light-fun, including a number of awesome colors
  • Ability to adjust the lighting ambience
  • Spill-proof surfaces that make it easier to clean up spills without ruining your mousepad
  • The highest grade industry rubber
  • Surface precision for the Windows 10 power users

Phone Case and Phone Protection Wonders That Will Amaze 

Additional accessories to dress up devices with include State of the Art phone cases. Developers totally get the need to protect your expensive devices. That’s why they thickened and full-bodied the designs of phone cases in order to specially protect your phone, and ensure complete shockproof performance. 

What’s more, phones are with us everywhere we go. And I mean, EVERYWHERE. So, it’s no surprise that most smartphones can be dirtier and as germ filled as a toilet seat. But don’t despair! Newly created screen protectors and phone cases now have antimicrobial technology, keeping germs and bacteria from getting in the way of your texting and other phone use. I think the mom in me is showing, lol!

Like I said, 2020 has been unlike any year before and it has more and more of us doing everything from home, hopefully these suggestions give you some great ideas for possible gift to give your spouse, child, sib, etc. who is literally doing everything from home.

One thought on “Your at-home Work, School, and Gaming Station NEEDS this!

  • No doubt that is great writing, I have gone through it entirely and each word, it a great writing skill. Sometimes I was thinking to get over, but due to a heavy working schedule, I can not.

    By the way, I’m using a cybeart gaming chair, it’s really good to me. Thanks for your massive posting.

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