Indian Creek Zoo is OPENS (Discounted Admission)

Looking for a local place to take the kids for a fun adventure this weekend! Where they have the opportunity to get up close and personal with  camels, goats, Emus, alligators, wallabies, buffalo, and more!! You might not be able to take the kids on a wild and exotic vacation to Australia, the Sahara Dessert, or Florida Everglades but the wild and exotic animals that reside in such places are closer to home than you think, in Lambertville, Michigan at Indian Creek Zoo!!  Best part, they’re opening early and offering a discount on admission…. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS 



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Indian Creek Zoo is a unique place that offers up-close viewing of exotic animals such as zebras, camels, emus, wallabies, donkeys, coatimundi, alligators, peacocks and many more!  They also offer animal encounters that are exclusive to you and your family/party, current encounters include, Sloth Encounter , Giraffe Encounter and there are more in the works. These experiences are ones your kids will cherish for a lifetime.  

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Admission to the zoo is $14 for adults, $12 for kids (3-17), and 2 and under are FREE! Though, I would definitely recommend going for the family membership, for a family of 4 it pays for itself in two visits and trust me, you’re going to want to visit throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  Each day is so different and filled with possibilities at Indian Creek Zoo, some days certain animals are more active, on other days there might be camel rides, while on Sunday’s everyone might be as slow as a sloth. What’s also nice about a membership is that you can just stop in with your toddler after Storytime and see one or two animals before naptime. Or bop in with your teenager after a tough day at school to see a familiar face, Poky or Puzzles just might be what that teen/tween needs to turn that frown upside-down…



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So what are you waiting for? Share with friends and meetup this weekend at the Indian Creek Zoo.

Indian Creek Zoo 

Address: 2744 Consear Rd, Lambertville, MI 48144

Phone:(734) 224-0390


Dates/Hours: March 20-31st 10am-3pm

Amenities: Clean restrooms and refreshment and snacks are available for purchase in the gift store;

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