Must-Have Essentials To Get Started as a Knitting Beginner

Any new hobby is overwhelming at first, and knitting is no exception. You may find it tough to know where to begin because there are different stitches, needle sizes, and yarn types! We’re here to help with this list of must-have essentials to get started as a knitting beginner.


There are three types of knitting needles: straight, circular, and double-point. When you’re comfortable with straight needles, look into the other two. Here, though, we’ll only discuss straight needles since they’re best for beginners! 

Pick up a pair of 10.5 sized bamboo needles. These needles will be about the size of regular pencils, so you should be comfortable holding them. If you find that thinner needles lead to lengthy projects, you can opt for thicker needles instead. They’ll help you finish projects more quickly at the expense of feeling a little clumsy at first.


Many helpful charts suggest which yarn thickness goes with what needle size. If you go for the 10.5 size needles, get bulky (also known as chunky) yarn. You don’t need premium yarn for your projects, especially not at this point. Pick a color you like that feels pleasant to the touch, and don’t get too hung up on prices. 


You don’t need to buy special yarn scissors. But you should make sure you have a good, sharp pair ready to snip yarn when you finish a project or want to switch colors. If you’re knitting from somewhere other than home, consider getting travel scissors to bring along with you.

Needle Caps

When you take a break from knitting, the last thing you want is for all your stitches to slip off the needles. With needle caps, your stitches will stay put where you left them, and you can return to your project whenever you want. These are great time-savers, and getting them early on can save you from many headaches.


This one may seem like a strange addition to the list. But as a beginner, you should consider using your knitting to enhance fabric. For example, you could add a knit border to your chosen material and make a cozy blanket! There’s a lot to consider when selecting a fabric. So, learn how to do it right

Now that you know the must-have essentials to get started as a knitting beginner, head to your local craft store and start stitching. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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