Best DIY Projects for Your Master Bathroom

It’s finally time. You’re going to tackle that pesky master bathroom and turn it into the luxurious oasis you know it can be. However, you haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet—that’s okay, though. We’ve taken the time to put together our definitive list of the best DIY projects for your master bathroom. We’re sure you’ll come away with a couple of ideas on how to turn your bathroom into the type of space you’ve been dreaming of.

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River Rock Shower Floor

This is probably one of the more unique ideas we’ve seen lately. The floor of a shower is typically fairly dull. It’s usually simple tile. Recently, though, we’ve seen people stick a bunch of river rocks to the floor of their shower with some type of cement. You can buy stones for this project, but we’d recommend going to your local river and picking some out yourself. It will be a lot more fun and save you money, too.

Mason Jar Holders

One of the most versatile objects a person can use is the mason jar. They’re pretty sturdy and are quite spacious, so they can hold plenty of things. That’s why they make excellent bathroom containers. They can hold anything from toothbrushes to cotton balls. You can even get ones that come with hole-studded lids, which is a great time-saver compared to trying to puncture a regular lid.

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Spray Painted Bathroom Fixtures

When changing the bathroom’s color scheme, most people go out and buy all-new lighting, sink, and bathtub fixtures, regardless of whether the old ones still work—because now they simply won’t match. What we’d like to suggest as one of the best DIY projects for your master bathroom is to spray paint all the fixtures. The end product is way better looking than you’d expect and significantly cheaper than buying replacements. Just make sure that you cover all surrounding objects to avoid getting unwanted paint on them.

Wicker Basket

On top of being fun and easy to make, wicker baskets also have a lot of functionality. A common thing we’ve seen people do is place a plastic bag inside a wicker basket and use it as a wastebasket. If you want to be a little more creative, hang up a few wicker baskets on some hooks to use as convenient storage bins. Your options are nearly endless.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Make Your Own Soap

During the pandemic, many people took up soap making. While the trend has died down a little bit, we don’t want it to go away completely. There are so many unique combinations people have come up with. One of our favorites is anything that uses lavender, which has multiple uses around the house. So, if you decided to get a lavender plant, experiment and make some lavender-scented soap. Since it’s so lovely, why not experiment and make other lavender-related things, too? Hopefully, this has kickstarted your imagination. 

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