Best Tips To Having the Perfect Backyard Wedding

Weddings can be as elaborate or as intimate as you want them to be. Whether yours takes place in a grand hall to an outdoor venue, it’s a culmination of your ultimate wishes and preferences, and you want it to be a day to remember. But who says all weddings have to be lavish and over-the-top? With smaller, intimate weddings growing popular, you want your venue to set the tone of the celebration and cater to the bride and groom’s needs. For that reason, here are some of the best tips for having a perfect backyard wedding reception.

Establish a Mood

Consider a theme ahead of time to help you choose music, games, and other features you’ll want available to guests during your reception. If you’re thinking about keeping things light and fun, consider a selfie area where guests can use props in their photos. If a romantic style is more your speed, decorate with string lights for delicate illumination.

Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on

Keep the Time of Year and Weather in Mind

Certain times of the year require different considerations—if you set a summer date, you’ll want citronella candles to keep away mosquitoes or umbrellas if your date falls within a heavy rainfall season. A fall wedding might require extra blankets or bonfires to keep guests warm. 

Have a Focal Point for Reception

Determine where you’d like it to take place and where guests can gather. You can set the stage by a giant tree if you’re in a grassy or heavily wooded area. Or, if your yard is more of a pool hangout, focus on that spot by renting a pool dance floor cover to place on top.

Groom up the Yard

Regardless of what type of yard you have, remember that you’ll still want a clean, maintained, and landscaped backyard or patio. Nothing detracts from a beautiful wedding like unkempt weeds and loose shrubs.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on

Consider a Generator for Lighting and Music

With big events comes big power, and you’ll need a lot of it when it comes to lighting and music. Consider renting a generator that is powerful enough to withstand the wattage and energy running through it.

Have Great Food

If guests aren’t talking about how good the music was, they’re reminiscing about the delicious food. While you don’t have to supply a full-on buffet to your guests, there are plenty of caterers who make great food and can deliver in convenient to-go packages.

You can have the perfect backyard wedding with these best tips to make your event one for the books. Happy planning, and congratulations!

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