Currently Trending: Boyfriend Jeans

Let us introduce you to the currently trending boyfriend jeans. In 1873, there was the birth of blue jeans by the well-known Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Since then, jeans have evolved with countless styles and fits, becoming a staple in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Let’s speed up time and talk about what jeans are trending today. Since Gen Z has recently cancelled the skinny jeans style, we are seeing more of the relaxed, baggy fitting jeans that are best known as the boyfriend jeans.

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

The “boyfriend jeans” originated from the very first style of blue jeans. Marilyn Monroe was first seen wearing the boyfriend jeans style in the 1960s, and many other celebrities followed in her footsteps. Trends of all kinds come and go with time, and this is living proof because the boyfriend jeans are back with their vintage style!

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You can think of boyfriend jeans as if they were actually your boyfriend’s pair of jeans, but they are jeans for women. The jeans are going to fit loosely and not as snug as your typical jeans would. The boyfriend jeans are meant to have a more relaxed, slouchy look. Boyfriend jeans come in a variety of different fits, so the amount of looseness is ultimately up to you.

Recent Popularity

This more causal style of jeans gives us 90s vibes and we are here for it! Different styles and trends come and go through time, but this style of jeans is back. You’ve probably noticed a few celebrities rocking them like Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, and Dakota Johnson, to name a few. We would also bet that you’ve seen the boyfriend jeans trending on TikTok. While this style gives us throwback vibes (we love it), they are back and trending, so why not add them to your wardrobe!

Pros And Cons

The pros of wearing the boyfriend jeans are that they are more of a relaxed fit so on the days that you don’t feel like having tight clothes on, and just need a little extra space to breathe, these are the jeans you should put on. Depending on your preference, the more baggy, relaxed fit could be more comfortable for you, putting this style of jeans higher on your list over a fit like skinny jeans. Just remember that a relaxed fitting jean does not mean that you are dressing sloppily. Another pro about the boyfriend jeans is that they can be easily styled with a variety of tops, so don’t worry, you have options.

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Some cons include fitted tops that seem to look better with the boyfriend jeans. Because the jeans give you a more laid-back look, adding a fitted top just looks better. Not saying that you can’t wear a not-so-fitted top though, because maybe that’s the cool style you are going for. One other con about boyfriend jeans is that it can sometimes be difficult to find a pair that you like how they fit on you and ones that you find flattering. But let be honest, doesn’t that go for all types of clothing?

What To Wear With Your Boyfriend Jeans

You’re in luck because you can style the boyfriend jeans with different options! You can style these jeans with a graphic tee or your favorite sports team cut-off for the perfect laid-back look while still looking trendy. Another look you might like would be to style these jeans with a lace bralette, and you could always layer that with a cute top over it. Try wearing a fitted tee, off-the-shoulder tee, or even a fitted long-sleeved shirt. One other fit that would look great would be a blazer over a cute embellished or lace shirt or tank top to help balance your outfit.

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With your shoes, you also have options. For a more relaxed look, try a slip-on shoe or some colorful flats. Style your boyfriend jeans with some classy pumps or fun wedges to dress up this look. You can also wear some type of sneaker to complete this look, like a pair of converse or platform sneakers, giving you that sporty edge. If boots are your thing, they will look great with these jeans too!

With any outfit, you can always add some fun jewelry and a cute clutch or crossbody purse. Your added touch of style will help complete any look that you are going for!

Finding The Right Pair Of Boyfriend Jeans

The key to loving your boyfriend jeans is to find the perfect fit that works for you. This collection of jeans keeps your options open with a slim-fit boyfriend style that is just that, more fitting and not so loose, and also, you can choose a mid-rise or more of a high waist. The style of jeans will give you choices based on your preference. It just depends on what you like best and what you are going for with these jeans.

You’ll also be able to find these jeans in a dark, light, or even medium wash. You can also find them with no rips or fray, but if you want the more worn look, you have options for that too!


No matter what your style is, relaxed-fitting boyfriend jeans are an essential item to add to your closet. For those days you want to be more comfortable, or the days that you just want a fresh look, these jeans will serve you. Learn more about boyfriend jeans and other up and coming trends from our friends at Successible Life.

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