Breast Issues Women May Experience

Breasts are complex structures that are an important part of the female body. As such, it’s important for women to monitor their breasts for any problems that may arise. The following are some of the many breast issues women can encounter.

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Painful Breasts

It’s common for women to experience at least some breast pain during their lifetimes due to the fact that breast pain is one of the common symptoms of menstruation. However, women who experience excessive breast pain would be wise to consult a women’s clinic Knoxville. This is because the professionals working at such establishments would be able to help them diagnose the cause of their breast pain and provide a solution to help lessen it or even eliminate it entirely. Women don’t have to suffer through breast pain unnecessarily because there are trained people who are willing and able to help them find solutions to help resolve this issue. There are many reasons why a woman’s breasts might hurt, including trauma, cancer and menstrual changes to the female body. Depending on what the cause of the pain is, the solution to reducing it or eliminating it will be different.

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Breast Lumps

Another breast issue women may experience is breast lumps. Gynecologists recommend for women to frequently monitor their breasts by feeling for breast lumps due to the fact they can sometimes be cancerous. However, breast lumps aren’t always cancerous. Sometimes they’re a cyst or something else. That’s why it’s important to visit a gynecologist if you find a lump in your breast so that they can carry out tests to determine whether the lump is cancerous or something benign so that, in either case, a solution can be found. Sometimes these lumps are easy to find because they’re painful. However, some breast lumps are less vocal about their existence, which is why it’s necessary to periodically inspect your breasts for them even if nothing feels different or wrong.

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Nipple Problems

Aside from the breast itself, there are also many problems that can arise with women’s nipples. They can become painful due to clogged milk ducts or due to dry and cracked skin, for example. Women can also suffer from abnormal nipple discharge that can be a sign of bigger issues. To be sure, sometimes nipple discharge is normal. A woman’s nipples may release some fluid if they’re chafed by her bra, for example. However, sometimes nipple discharge can be a sign of an infection or, on rare occasions, even breast cancer. If you’re concerned about discharge coming from your nipples, your gynecologist can examine the discharge to determine whether it’s normal or a sign of something serious.

Although there are many breast issues that women can experience, thankfully there are medical experts who can help them deal with these problems. Whether it’s excessively painful breasts, breast lumps, abnormal nipple discharge, nipple pain or something else, gynecologists are trained to assess a woman’s symptoms in order to determine the causes of her breast problems and find an appropriate solution to them.

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