The Most Common Problems Inside Your Attic

Most homeowners see their attics as closed-off areas in their houses that act as storage spaces. However, your attic is an integral part of the health and durability of your home. Unfortunately, the attic is susceptible to problems just like any part of your house. Keep reading to find out the most common problems inside your attic.

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Air Leaks and Gaps

During colder weather, the heat in your house can escape through air leaks and gaps in your attic. As a result, your home may feel cooler, and you may turn your heat up. However, the extra heat will raise your electricity bill. Seal any air leaks and gaps to ensure heat stays in your home. It’s essential to check around windows and behind fiberglass insulation for hidden leaks and openings.

Mildew and Mold

Black mold may pose a problem in your attic. This type of mold grows when moisture lingers in the air. You should pay attention to small black dots of mold in damp areas because they can quickly spread throughout your attic. In addition to mold, mildew is something to look out for. Unlike mold, mildew is white, gray, or yellow. It grows on the surfaces of moist areas, and it has a fluffy texture. Both mold and mildew are harmful to humans, so call a mold removal service if you notice either.

Ice Dams

When snow on the top of your home melts and runs down your roof then refreezes near the edge, it creates an ice dam. Ice buildups under shingles cause damage when they melt because they can leak into your attic. However, roofing materials play a factor in ice dams’ effects. For example, ventilated metal roofs can stop the formation of ice dams altogether. When you know the potential roof damage they can cause, avoiding ice dams becomes one of the reasons why a metal roof needs to be vented.

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Unwanted pests can take over your attic. Pests enjoy burrowing in attics because they’re dark and uninhabited spaces. Animals want a warm place to stay in the wintertime as well. Unfortunately, your attic may be their ideal place. Rats, mice, bats, and squirrels carry harmful bacteria. The bacteria can go through your vents, making you and your family sick. Blocked and closed entry points deter pests from entering your attic.

Your attic may be an area of your house that you don’t use often. However, you must pay attention to its condition. If you need a refresher on things to take note of, you can refer to our list of the most common problems inside your attic. 

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