Personal Protective Equipment All Firefighters Need

More and more women are getting involved in male-dominated careers like IT, STEM fields, and even emergency services. In this particular instance, let’s discuss what personal protective equipment all firefighters need with them while they’re on the job. This will ensure anyone aspiring to fight fires and save lives is able to keep themselves as safe as possible so that they may devote their attention to the task at hand.

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Firefighting Gloves

As a firefighter, your hands will always be your most important tools, as it’s necessary to use your hands to operate your equipment and interact with the environment around you. To protect your hands, you need a pair of firefighting gloves tailored to handle these exact situations and can handle both the heat and potential cuts or abrasions. Because women are less common amongst firefighters, it is doubly important that you ensure your gloves are tailor-made to your size. Oversized gloves can quickly become their own obstacle as you lose the dexterity needed to use your hands effectively.

Sturdy Boots

The next most important piece of personal protective equipment all firefighters need is a good, sturdy pair of boots. Much like gloves, these boots need to keep your feet and ankles safe from harm, but they also need to provide the comfort and support necessary to keep you on your feet all day. Firefighters often spend so long on their feet that it’s easy to become debilitated if your feet become too sore and in pain as a result.

Flotation Devices

Because firefighters respond to all sorts of emergencies and not just fires, it’s necessary that you’re prepared to handle new hazards and conditions at a moment’s notice. For example, you might be called to help deal with or work around floodwaters. While this may not be common, it can still be a very high-risk situation to be in, and you should have a personal flotation device on in the scenario that you get caught and swept away by those very floodwaters.

Eye Protection

Few parts of our bodies are as vulnerable as our eyes, and when fighting fires, there’s all manner of debris, ash, smoke, and more floating around that could get caught in your eyes and potentially damage your vision. Before going anywhere, always make sure you have the appropriate eyewear to shield your eyes from irritation and injury while out on the job.

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