Keeping the Children Occupied on a Budget

 If you’re on a tight budget, but want to give your children days out or activities to look forward to, then here are some suggestions.

Local parks

Taking your children to the local park costs nothing, and most areas have one. Alternatively, for the price of a bus pass or a little petrol, you can take them further afield to other parks and play areas, and have a full day out if the weather is good. You could also take a football or other items with you, to play their favorite sports when they get bored with the swings and slides. Or if it snows grab a sled and hit up snow hills. You can pack sandwiches, a flask of coffee and hot cocoa, rather than spend money in a café.

If you’re spending all day outside, you’ll want to protect your eyes from sun damage, and be able to see where your children are and whether they need your help. So, rather than cramp their style, you can invest in a pair of iconic Ray-Ban Glasses. These are available as glasses or prescription sunglasses. So, you can get all the benefits of being outside without the downsides, like harmful UV rays. All you’ll have to worry about is not being beaten by your children in their chosen sport.

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Hiking is another cheap activity for you and your family. After the initial cost of suitable clothes and shoes, you may be able to walk to your local woods or countryside, or it could be a short drive. Either way, it won’t cost much and you can bring a packed lunch to eat after you’ve all worked up an appetite.

Exploring nearby areas to go hiking means you get to discover places and see them up close, compared to just driving through on the way to somewhere else. It helps you learn about your local area.

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Baking or crafts

If you prefer to stay home, or the weather is too bad to venture outside, baking or craft making can keep the whole family busy.

Baking can be a fun way of teaching your children to cook, and the whole family gets to eat the results. Alternatively, craft making encourages creativity, and your children can make birthday and Christmas gifts for extended family.

Holding a jumble sale

Holding a jumble sale can fill a lot of time. It encourages you and your children to go through items that are no longer used, or clothes that don’t fit anymore. So, you can remove clutter and make money from selling these items. If you have enough items to sell, it might be best to book a space at a car boot sale. Just ensure everything is washed or dusted off before, so you stand a better chance of selling it. Then you can treat the family with the money you make.

It’s also a good way to teach children about the importance of not throwing away items they no longer use but are still in usable condition.

Keeping the whole family occupied doesn’t have to cost a lot and can lead to a better understanding of local geography, developing creativity, and getting lots of exercise.

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