OTHER WORLD Perfect Tween & Teen Experience

Bowling, roller skating, see a movie, arcade, get coffee, make soap, make candles, go to the art museum, science museum, ANY museum? One can practically exhaust ALL ideas when it comes to things that tweens and teens might enjoy doing. And often the resounding response to each suggestion is, “ehh” or “meh”. Teaching a cat how to high dive is an easier achievement than getting a teen or tween excited about doing something you suggest! Which was why I wasn’t too surprised when the resistance was strong when I mentioned going to another art immersion experience. But this art immersion experience was unlike any other, this one was from an OTHER WORLD!


We arrived promptly at the eerie abandoned 1980s strip shopping plaza a half hour before our timed ticket. One could still see what remained from the imprint of the old Target and Best Buy logos. Not knowing what I had exactly gotten us into I began to feel a bit apprehensive and yet anticipatory for the impending experience all at the same time. We made our slow progression to the entrance and as we did a dad left expressing, “Well, that was weird”. Weird? Hmmm, weird could go in so many different directions! And thankfully it did. He wasn’t wrong, it was definitely weird from our boring unimaginative adult perspective, but if you can channel your imaginative childlike optimism this experience is unlike any other in this world. Here’s a glimpse into OTHER WORLD.


Address:5819 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH 43232

Phone:(614) 868-3631

Website: https://otherworldohio.com/ 

Cost: General Admission-$25, Seniors & Military- $23, Children (3-12)-$18, Children (3 & under) FREE 

As you enter it’s as if you’re on a spaceship headed for another planet, there’s mission controls, a brief video, etc. Then your space shuttle takes a turn and lands in what I can’t help but describe as the Upside Down from Stranger Things…they have the magnets, Christmas lights, tape, etc. 

I will forewarn that as you’re going through the “spaceship & other planetary stuff” it does have a haunted house vibe, so I’m not certain if I’d take any young kiddos, I’d say this is definitely a 9+ years old type of experience. Again, perfect for tweens and teens. 

What the tween and teens really enjoyed were the tunnels where they could crawl through and enter into an entire different galaxy/room. 

This experience is legit perfect for their age, in fact I feel like this immersion experience was made for them, it’s practically what they’ve been living these past two years. The weirdness, the uncertainty, the trying to make sense out of the nonsensical. They could have just called this 2020, lol!

The interaction with each installation was fun and did even bring out the childlike wonder, curiosity, and imagination in me. 

And then to complete their teen dream come true experience we hit up Crumbl Cookie!!! 

While it still might be easier to climb Mount Everest with a lion as your Sherpa than to get your tween or teen excited to do something, keep planning parents, if you plan events and activities for them they will go, and chances are they’ll actually have a marvelous time…but it may behoove them to actually admit that you were right, deep down you can take pleasure in knowing that you are totally rocking this being a parent to a teenager gig! 

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