Things You Should Do After Your Honeymoon

Even though the wedding is in the rearview mirror and your honeymoon is nothing but a happy memory, normal married life can’t start just yet. From thank you notes to changing your name, here are the things you should do after your honeymoon. 

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Write Thank You Notes

Gifts and cards are wonderful, but it can feel stressful once you realize you need to pen a heartfelt thank you note for all your wedding guests. Consider breaking up the process into several days to avoid feeling too overwhelmed.

You can also divide the task between you and your spouse to make it a little easier to tackle. Think about making a fun night out of it—cuddle up with your favorite movie, a bottle of wine, and a pen.

Start the Name-Changing Process

If you or your spouse has decided on a name change, the process isn’t as simple as you might hope. You’ll need to start with the Social Security Administration, then update your driver’s license and passport. Any document or account with your name on it must be amended, including your bank account, credit cards, insurance policies, and rental agreements.

Tell Your Employer

Get ready for more logistics! Whether you change your name or not, you need to inform your place of work (and HR, specifically) of your new marital status. Several changes must be made, including your tax documents and even your health insurance. HR will know what to do but loop them in as soon as possible.

Talk About a Postnuptial Agreement

If you didn’t get a prenuptial agreement but seriously considered it, don’t worry. A postnuptial agreement provides the same benefits, but it comes after marriage. Signing a postnup is not a declaration that you think the marriage will fail but an opportunity to promote honest communication and uncomplicate questions of debt.

Now that you know the things you should do after your honeymoon, enjoy married life and leftover wedding cake!

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