5 Tips To Ensure Senior Parents Follow Their Medical Treatment Plan

It is hard for many people to imagine their parents as elderly individuals, but the truth is that they will eventually grow old. One thing that makes it even more difficult is when your parents don’t follow their medical treatment plans or, worse yet, forgets about their medication altogether! If you are concerned about this happening with your parents, then take a look at these five tips to ensure senior parents follow their medical treatment plan:

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Talk with Your Parents About Their Treatment Plan 

It’s important to talk with your senior parent and make sure they understand what they need to do in order to stay healthy. Tell them why it’s important and how long the treatment plan is for. If they have already had a procedure done, tell them what to expect when it comes time for their follow-up visit with the doctor. This way, there are no surprises!

Set A Schedule

Once you’ve talked with your parents about their treatment plan, set up a schedule for them to follow. To make things easier on both of you, try using an online calendar tool to organize important events and reminders. In doing so, there will be no question as to what is expected from them! Additionally, if you use a reminder app, your parents will be able to set the reminders themselves and take control of their own treatment plan.

Help Your Parents Create A Pillbox 

You can help your parents create their pillbox by teaching them how to fill it up. If they are given medication in the hospital, ask the doctor about what type of order it should be taken in and whether or not there is any food that needs to be avoided while taking this medicine. Ensure that you include the correct dosage information on your parent’s pillbox. By doing this, they will always know when their medication is due and how much of it to take.

Consider Hiring An In-Home Caretaker

If your parents live far away and you cannot help them daily, consider hiring an in-home caretaker. This person can assist your parents with their treatment plan and provide companionship. Additionally, they can ensure your parents take their medications on time each day and support them during their treatment. They will also assist with ensuring that your parents practice healthy lifestyle habits such as eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

Consider An Assisted Living Facility

If your parents cannot follow their treatment plan independently, you could also consider an assisted living facility. These facilities provide round-the-clock care and can help your parents with any medication they need, as well as assist them in following a daily schedule for medical treatment plans, healthy eating, and exercise. Contact a senior referral agency to find out more about assisted living facilities and the services offered.

In conclusion, it can be difficult for both children and their parents to understand what the expectations are when it comes to medical treatment plans. If you find yourself in this situation, take a look at these tips that will help ensure your senior parent follows through on their doctor’s orders!

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