Essential Tips for Making Great Gift Baskets

Putting together a gift basket is more than throwing a few items in a container. It takes time and thoughtfulness to create a great basket! If you plan on making a basket and want help, check out these essential tips for making great gift baskets. 

Select a Sturdy Basket

The first place to start when making a gift basket is the basket itself. Always select a sturdy basket to hold all your items. Doing so will make the gift-giving process easier, and you can avoid damaging your gifts. When selecting a basket, place a few products in them and do a “strength-test” to see if the basket can hold the different items. 

Choose a Theme

One of the best parts about making gift baskets is choosing the theme! A theme will help you select the perfect gifts for the person and allow you to get creative with design elements. If you’re not sure what theme to choose, check these out:

  • Baker’s basket: Dessert mix, wooden spoon, and other baking tools. 
  • Movie theme: DVDs, popcorn, candy, and a gift card to a theater. 
  • Charcuterie: Assortment of crackers, spreads, and meat/cheeses. 
  • Self-care: Face masks, body scrub, lotion, and comfy slippers. 

Pick a Variety of Items

The appeal of gift baskets comes from the variety of gifts. Use an assortment of different colors, textures, and sizes to bring life to the basket. You can even make some of the items! For example, if you’re going for a self-care theme, you can make DIY bath fizz powder with lavender. In addition, you can add a fuzzy blanket or comfy sleeping mask. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. 

Add a Personal Touch

Personal touches on gifts are always great. While making your basket, think of something you want to add. Maybe your homemade strawberry jam will make a nice touch. Perhaps a photo book of special moments will tug at your person’s heartstrings. Personal touches will turn an ordinary gift basket into a thoughtful present. 

A good gift basket is more than a few items in a random container. Everything from design elements to different item sizes can make an ordinary basket look extraordinary. If you’re thinking about making your own, these essential tips for making great gift baskets were hopefully helpful. 

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