Different Kinds of Desserts To Serve at a Baby Shower

A baby shower is never complete without a dessert. Sure, you could go with a classic dessert, like cupcakes or tiered cakes, but what is the fun of that? Below are the different kinds of desserts to serve at a baby shower.

Donut Display Peg Board

This idea displays tasty treats in a unique fashion that could serve as a backdrop for photos! Order a variety of donuts or make and decorate them yourself. Arrange them on the pegboard for guests to easily remove them, and your dessert table is complete!

Animal Shaped Macrons

Macrons are an underrated sweet. These French cookies look great in the shape of animals or other objects to match any baby shower theme. Fill the middle of the cookie with the mom-to-be’s favorite flavor, add tiny details to make the cookies come to life, and enjoy!

Candy Feast Table

Sometimes you don’t need chocolate or cupcakes; you just need candy. Surprise guests with the feeling of stepping into a candy store. Get creative with disposable mason jars and fill them with popular candy brands to create the perfect candy display.

Cake Pops

If you still want the cake aspect, a cake pop is a different kind of dessert to serve at a baby shower. You use all the same ingredients and mold them into a delightful presentation. Form the cake pops into any shape and decorate with pink or blue to match the baby’s gender, or go off the beaten path and try other colors.

Custom Cookies

Cut-out cookies are diverse and come in many shapes and sizes. Cookies that match the baby shower theme tie everything together wonderfully. They’re a dessert that anyone will like and are easy to transport to the venue.

Are you still looking for other desserts? Try out colored chocolate strawberries, caramel popcorn, cotton candy, and more. Choose whatever dessert speaks to you; if it’s sweet, everyone will be on their feet, ready to dig in!

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