How To Create the Perfect Playroom for Your Kids

The playroom—for you, it means peace and quiet and no more crayon drawings on the living room walls. For your kids, it’s a place of wonder where they can pursue their most out-there ideas. The point of the matter is that playrooms are excellent for all! If you want to create an engaging space for your kids but aren’t sure where to start, consider these tips on how to create the perfect playroom for your kids.

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Lots of Storage

Playrooms need a lot of space for toys and trinkets. A cubby organizer is essential, as are plentiful shelves! Every item in the room should have a home to avoid mess and clutter. We recommend using cost-friendly cubes or baskets and labeling them, so your kids know where each thing goes at the end of the day.

Functional but Fun Furniture

The furniture you buy should be functional, but it should also be fun. Need a small table for teatime and crafts? Don’t get any ordinary table—get one that’s colorful or has a road map printed on top for an extra dose of fun. Need seating? Regular recliners are nice, but egg chairs and bean bag chairs are even more exciting! A playroom should be whimsical, so feel free to get creative with it. Don’t be afraid to embrace clashing colors and oddly shaped décor and furniture!

Decorate With Decals

Making the walls seem playroom-worthy can be tricky. Painting is messy and time-consuming, and hanging wallpaper can be, too. That said, you know what’s easy to put up? Decals! Plus, decals are superb child-friendly additions to boot. There are thousands of decals to choose from, from stars to flowers to trucks, and there are so many ways to use them, too. Pick up a few online or from your local home and garden store and go wild.

Easy To Clean Materials

Most parents would agree that playrooms are a lot like disaster zones. Debris and stains are galore, oh my! To make your life easier, you want the playroom to be easy to clean. When choosing furniture and decor, pick pieces made from low-maintenance materials like wood, metal, leather, vinyl, linen, and cotton. You’ll thank yourself later.

Now that you know how to create the perfect playroom for your kids, you can get to shopping and decorating. Before long, your kids will have a place where they can learn, play, and explore to their little hearts’ content!

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