Tips for Taking the Perfect Prom Photographs

Prom season is just around the corner. This dance is a special event in a child’s life and one many parents hope to preserve in picture form so they can remember it forever. That said, how do you make sure prom photos turn out spectacular rather than embarrassing or drab? For professional photographers and parents alike, these tips for taking the perfect prom photographs should make the task easier!

Photo by Juan Vargas on

A Clean and Classy Background

Keep the background for your photos simple, clean, and classy. Avoid snapping pics in cluttered areas. The clutter can take away from the focus of the photo: the prom goers! The outdoors is a beautiful place to take prom photos, as is the classic staircase background. Another option is to invest in a fine art backdrop, which you can use to get some elegant, unique, and beautiful shots!

Fun and Creative Poses

Avoid awkward poses like the hands-around-the-waist pose for prom couples. If it seems generic or cheesy, skip it. Instead, try some fun poses, like the selfie shot, the hip bump, or the over-the-shoulder look. Assuming they aren’t too embarrassing, silly poses can be hilarious to see in the album years later. Don’t forget to add some more traditional poses into the mix.

Keep Props to a Minimum

Props can take away from prom shoots more than they add to them. If you do decide to use props, keep them basic. Flowers, balloons, and glitter are okay, but anything more in-your-face than those examples will look unusual.

Include the Whole Group

Of course, you’ll want to capture a few photos of just the couples, but once you get the couple shots out of the way, let the whole gang join in and take some group photos. Taking group photos can be challenging because of how many people there are in the shot, but it’s important to be persistent.

Is someone always blinking? Try this trick: tell everyone to close their eyes and open them on the count of three. Voilà—wide eyes all around!

Vary the Angle

If you’re not a professional photographer, you might try to play it safe by sticking to a simple face-forward angle. Remember that angles are your friend—use them to your advantage! Angles can change the entire composition of the piece and create some interesting shots. Play around until you find an angle that you like.

These tips for taking the perfect prom photographs can help ease the stress of capturing this exciting occasion. Keep this advice in mind when wielding the camera, and your photos are sure to turn out beautifully!

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